macatt, Jul 23, 2013
    • swivel
      Wow! Who made this?
    • macatt
      I had USACG make the body and neck to my specs. (when Tommy was still there)
      I added the hardware and came up with a wiring/switching scheme that I like plus the semi stealth pickup arrangement.

      Here are a couple more photos and a more detailed description from another post:
      I call it my Macaster named after me :) with credit to USACG in small print.

      My last parts build;
      I knew exactly what I wanted. I've been modding guitars for 54 years so had the skill and experience to design it and put it together.
      I had USACG make the body and neck to my specs and do the finish.

      It's my "Cadillac" version of a Tele.
      I wanted Strat type contour cuts, a bound top and a neck profile like the Jimmie Vaughan Strat neck. (slightly shaved)
      I was very meticulous about details; like the the angled super switch, Strat tip, cut Glendale bridge plate, Bigsby, ss medium frets, bone nut etc. The pickups are a 1950 Champion lap steel in the bridge (or sometimes a Van Zandt vintage Tele pickup), a Van Zandt Blues in the middle and Seymour Duncan P-90 in the neck.

      I wired it to get classic bridge and middle Tele sounds in the positions (1 and 4 respetively),
      Strat sounds; middle alone and bridge/middle quack (positions 3 and 2). The P-90 is stealth with just the poles poking up through the guard (position 5).
      With concentric pots, I have two separate volumes. One 250k for middle and bridge pickups, and the other 500k for the neck. Dedicated tone for the bridge and blender for bridge/middle.

      It's not complicated at all to use.
      I can blend the bridge and neck gradually together as well as the bridge and middle. I usually preset the combinations and simply use the switch.

      Quite unique I think and it turned out great.
      With any custom build, you never know how it's going to sound until you play it. I spent a lot on it; rolled the dice and won.

      People are always trying to combine the best attributes of a Tele and a Strat. This is about as close as you can get.
      I suppose a Strat pickup in the neck position would get a bit closer.

      Also I prefer a Strat trem to a Bigsby but I would have lost that classic Tele bridge tone. A Bigsby combined with a cut bridge plate retains that sound and still gives me some trem action.

      S Mac
    • swivel
      Pretty cool, bound with belly and arm cut is what caught my eye. The P90 in the neck is a great thing too. A lot of the things I like. With the P90 liking to be away from the strings that's a cool stealth idea. It's close enough like that?
      I recently bought this archtop Tele style and loving it:
    • macatt
      Yes, the P-90 lowered like that with poles raised has the effect of dropping the perceived output just enough to balance out with the other two pickups as well as brightening up it's tone a little.
      Works great.

      S Mac
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