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Amp & Pedals
araT, Mar 27, 2009
    • Wulfgang
      Is that the bf-3 flanger and ph-3 phaser? nice rig! I hear the bf-2 and ph-2 had analog circuits.
    • araT
      Hey Wulfgang! thanks! yeah, both are -3s
      You're right the -2s were analogues.. I used to have the PH-2.. :)
    • Wulfgang
      I know robert smith and simon gallup from the cure used bf-2 & ph-2's .. wish I still had mine. I have the same 3 series in my rig as well.
    • tartanphantom
      But...but... you only have TWO feet! :D
    • araT
      I dance a mean jig ;)

      I actually don't use them all that much, just to add a little texture!

      I've just bought an OD-3 & a TU-2 to add into the mix, it's looking more & more like Robert Smith's rig by the day!
    • unknownfan
      Sweet rig Tara
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