workknot, Aug 24, 2009
    • dafreeze
      What an outstanding way to spend an afternoon. Have you installed a waterproof amp in that rig Pops?

      Several years ago up in the Boundary Waters a Buddy was showing the rest of us how to clean Northern. Another friend (there were 10 of us on that trip) had just caught ~ a 7 #er. As the cleaning demonstration's about to begin, one of the guys noticed the shape of this little monsters stomach and commented about it.

      Big Joe, (the friend doing the cleaning), glanced down and without missing a beat in his demonstration non-chantley commented "Looks like a salami". Well I'll be darned if when we laid her open, there was hunk of still mostly packaged summer sausage that was ~ 2" x 8".

      They're not as tasty as the Walleye or even the Smallies, but they're still delicious, and we had a heck of a feast that night.
    • workknot
      Now that is pretty strange, someone lost there salami. Did anyone eat the salami?
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