ol' blood & guts

ol' blood & guts
Pappy, Nov 23, 2008
    • DevilYouKnow
      What's the story on this tele? I like it. no knobs, top hat selector. Is it a fender? A partscaster? .... oh and welcome back. Glad to see you're home safe and sound.
    • tartanphantom
      Heh, heh... man if this guitar could only talk... the stories it could tell!
    • Pappy
      I imagine it would be a lot of complaining. "And then he broke me in HALF, STUFFED me into a bag with his smelly socks, flew me halfway around the world so I can breathe in dust and be played UNAMPLIFIED while he kept remarking about how much he missed his Gretsch..."
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    Nov 23, 2008
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