Me & the Duo Jet

Me & the Duo Jet
araT, Jun 6, 2009
    • tartanphantom
      nice shoes.... you would be right at home in Tennessee...

      BTW, what's that stuff in the dish on the coffee table?? Looks like candied baby jellyfish polyps.
    • araT
      LOL Thanks :)

      Those "candied baby jellyfish polyps" are actually a couple of matching glass ashtrays stacked on top of eachother ;)

      I'm barefoot most of the time at home, unless it's cold, and then I'm in ugg boots.. it has something to do with spending my early years in Asia, amongst heavy Buddhist influences, I sit on the ground a lot, and I generally I feel more grounded, more spiritual, when barefoot.. and oddly enough, I play guitar better barefoot too.. :cool:
    • Pappy
      Very nice picture. Makes me want a Jet.
    • mugsy
      Nice looking Jet, Tara. One of my personal favorites :)
    • chimpy
      just watch your step on the stage ;)
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