Marshall Lead12 5005v1

Marshall Lead12 5005v1
Ricochet, Mar 19, 2011
    • loudnlousy
      I would love to learn about this speciem since i heard that this special model is one of Billy Gibbons`s most favoured ones (My head is in Mississippy), Rich.
      I already know that it is solidstate but nothing else.
    • Ricochet
      Hi Frank, I’m not sure you are asking the right guy!

      Yes, this is the first version as used by Billy G. It’s schematically supposed to be different from later versions. (This pic is not even mine, but I have two V1s. Both have a gold faceplate. Interestingly one has silver, while the other has gold knobs)

      You can easily distinguish between versions by looking at the logo.
      If it has a Lead12 logo it is version 1.
      A single jack in/output in place of the logo is version 2. Two in/outputs is version 3.

      The 2nd and 3rd are schematically the same. The first is supposed to be different. I never found out how exactly.
      I read it has basically a fuzz pedal in the pre amp section. I suspect they just may refer to the method of clipping. Marshall used magical red Leds instead of diodes you see on lots of later solid state drive pedals and amps.
      Not sure though. I’ve always stayed clear of the later versions.

      They sound good, definitely very Marshall, very JCM 800-ish. But never the same or “just like it”.
      These things get hyped a lot, but it’s only because they used to be 50 bucks. Now they fetch 100-150 bucks, which I think is getting insane.

      Like most SS combos they sound better with different speakers. Some people like the stock speaker but I think they are terrible!
      A problem is Marshall solid states from this era use 4Ohm speakers, and Celestion the speaker that partly defined the Marshall sound, does not make 4 Ohm speakers... s
      Since it’s solid state you could use 8ohm no problem, but you will be effectively cutting the power in half.
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    • loudnlousy
      @Ricochet Thanks, Rich. I appreciate this info.
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