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That just happens to be my favorite amp.. any time you get tired of it let me know.. LOL...
100% original down to the tubes and the plug. I did swap for a grounded plug after I got it. I will be buried with this amp. OK, I may pass it down to my Son if he wants it.
One of my 'Dream Amps' as well. This, a TwinReverb and a VOX AC-30 (w/ the Blues) are all equally at the top of my list. I want a Super Reverb on one side, the Twin on the other and the VOX in the middle with the ability to switch between them all and be able to play through the two on the outside in parallel. And I only play out of my bedroom. Thinkin' I'll have to break down and buy a couple attenuators then, too.
Best amp ever if reworked properly.I have a '66 and a '73(re-worked to death with a 10' and 12' spkr. combo.The silverface when converted to blackface specs sounds better due to beefier transformers.The '66 is all original 'cept power x'former.Got it for $300.00.Don't ever sell that amp.It's history and just the right amount of power for most venues.Beautiful.You're lucky to have it. God Bless, "TROLL"

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