endzone, May 2, 2010
    • j.s.c
      cool & nice. It is the natural color or was she sanded?
    • endzone
      Sorry I'm just now responding. Haven't been on the forum in quite a while. This guitar was given to me by a guy who got while in the marines and stationed in Korea. The owner was getting shipped back to the states and he didn't want to pack it so he gave it to this guy. He didn't like the "yucky puke green" paint, so he sanded it down. He sanded it periodically over about a 4 year period...and did a darn fine job. It's as smooth as a baby's butt. He had the parts in a baggie and asked me if I wanted it. Sure wish he hadn't sanded it. But I've enjoyed working with it and getting it in playing condition. It needed quite a bit of neck/bridge/nut work.
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