G6128T-1962 An expanded line of Double-Cut Duo-Jets.

An expanded line of Double-Cut Duo-Jets.
Crooner, Jul 25, 2009
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    • araT
      And these too, incredible! :D
    • Crooner
      Thanks, Tara!
      Last night/early morning hours I had a sudden burst of ideas for advertising pitches of "my new two lines of Jets" to give to Joe C.
      I know it's still a million in one, but I think this could be an untapped niche. I know the double-cuts are not thought as the most popular series of jets, yet any time I show one to someone, they always comment on how cool they are. I think that is partly because they're a bit of a secret. I mean, aside from the Malcolm Young model, which, IMO, is not really the Gretsch target audience, the only double cuts are the two 1962 models (we're talking pro-line). Just TWO guitars amidst the whole line. If they put some muscle behind the models, that could change in a big way.

      Two ideas off the bat...

      One, you take the usual great photos, but instead of treating them as museum pieces, you pitch them as works of art that are meant to be played, not exhibited. You could use some kind of analogy (verbal AND visual) showing a guitar in a glass case roped off from everyone and one of the new jets being played on stage with dozens of people's hands reaching out to the player. You know... like "Pheasants are meant to be under glass, Duo-Jets are meant to soar!"

      Two, you play on the name. You have some really good retro-futuristic drawings made up of the new Jets flying around with the double cut horns as the jet exhaust points, and play on the whole premise off the "Jet-Set crowd" concept. You don't knock the more artsy, time-faithful models, but rather concentrate on the positive aspects of the fact that these are the models that "get around" and "go places no other guitar goes." You might even take it so far as to make cool, tasteful, almost Rat Pack characters out of the guitars, showing them hanging out in swanky pads and parties, drinking martinis, gambling, living the overall high life, and call the whole thing "The Jet-Set."

      I'm no marketing guy, but Jesus, I think this could really, really be a hit.
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