g6120 memoribillia collection

g6120 memoribillia collection
g6120, Aug 23, 2008
    • wenzel
      Where did you get this? I want one of these sets. Looks vintage. Any info would be appreciated. Maybe I can find one on ebay?
    • g6120
      ..... hello wenzel good hearing from you
      ..... this set is one of my favorites made of plaster and the heads bob back and forth and yes they are from the 60s . i have not taken a ruler to them but they are about 6 or 7 inches tall and there is a smaller version thats about 2 or 3 inches or so but these are made of plastic . i grew up in the 50s and 60s so i was there when the beatles hit the usa shores so i used to get this memoribillia from my parents at that time . over the years started to collect records and memoribillia . every once in a while yes they show up on ebay not really sure what the going price is these days .

      by the way i like your musuc

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