Club King RT

Club King RT
Lobstapickin, Jun 5, 2008
    • bobframe
      what is this?
    • drgonzo2
      It's a prototype Reverend Club King Retro-tron. IIRC, until Lobsta' got hold of it, this was Joe Naylor's personal guitar (Joe Naylor owns Reverend). Unique touches are the painted headstock, the 'alpine green' finish & the handmade angled switch control plate.
      Cheers... G
    • Jukebox
      That is reallly sweet!
    • Lobstapickin
      Thanks! That is correct Dr. It was a test bed for the alpine green color, several rough coats of different shades of green from a spray can. Joe further customized with the satin control plate/angled switch, filled body with spray foam and sprayed interior black. Has a kill switch installed and the standard Bass Contour Control knob. He also re-fretted it with jumbos. 25 1/2" scale, 60's strat neck profile.

      These only go for around $500-600...
    • Jukebox
      Is this a thick body guitar like the Gretsch's, or the thin body like the Eipiphone's?
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