bstring saddle closeup 1

bstring saddle closeup 1
Michiel, Sep 11, 2009
    • tyguy
      looks like slots are too deep.file down,sand,polish and start over w/correct depth slots.someone was errant in cutting those slots unless,they are cut for another string gauge.
    • tyguy
      wounf strings look ok.
    • j.s.c
      Are you happy with this ti bridge on ruby ? I was thinking of buying a ti... or a cheaper steel one...
    • Michiel
      JSC: yes I am. The alu compton has made the guitar very resonant and alive. I love it!

      My particular 5129 has an atypical 14" radius neck, so I had an alu made to match the 14".
      TIs sounds even better with 2-3 times longer sustain on this guitar, but (to my knowledge) those are only made in 12" or 9.5".

      I prefered the feel and already apparent improvement in tone of the alu on my 5129.
      And my TI went on my country gentleman. That guitar (the CG) is my main go-to guitar now. I absolutely love the tone I'm getting from it.
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