My 1964 GRETSCH 6106 'Princess'

Thanks to the guys on, and from this site, that helped me find out what 'model' and 'year' this fine instrument is. You'll all be happy to know that it really is fun to play...great action, great sound...especially for an old guy like me to play! From the site: Larry, your guitar IS a Princess model... or rather, it began life as one. Let me explain-- the 3x3 headstock makes it a pre-1965 model-- sometime in 1965 all Corvettes were changed to the 2x4 tuner configuration. Yours also features a bullet truss rod cover, and truss rod access at the peghead instead of at the body. The Princess model was made for 3 years, from 1962 to mid-1964. Your serial number of 68868 dates your guitar to mid-1964. Now, it is known that some of the later Princess models did NOT have the "Princess" logo engraved in the pickguard. Also, The Princess is the ONLY single-pickup Corvette model to feature a backpad. It looks like yours may have been one of those final Princess models after she was "stripped of her title." __________________