least I forget... finishing up the protos

Started 3 of these about a year ago. Got convinced to build 8 more for people at work.... so now those are done, I get to finish my own. I'm introducing historical inaccuracies for my own personal amusement, but hey, now I'm the customer.... It will be finished in a transparent orange on top and will have the old style, simple pickguard of tortoise shell-like material. Bridge .... there will be 2 or 3 depending on mood. Total assembled weight, without finish is 7lbs 7oz. Pickups are T-Armond mahogany two piece back. One piece mahogany neck. ebony fingerboard pearl humpback inlays pearl pissed off cow Grover sta-tites Bigsby detuner hand cut and polished bone nut quilted sapele mahogany head plate flamed maple solid hand carved top red dot markers