leftyjay, Jun 16, 2008
    • JC higgy
      Thats a cool EE,i've never seen one with a stop-tail.
      Did you fit that yourself?
    • leftyjay
      no, this was one of the few that were built with a stop style tailpiece from the factory. i wanted a red EE with a bigsby, but when i saw this one, i thought it was rarer to find one like this. this guitar is light as a feather. the body is hollow under a maple cap. weighs maybe 5 lbs. super nice guitar.
    • DuoJetter
      Beautiful guitar, Jay. Those EEs are to die for. I call yours a "true" EE, because Elliot himself is, as you know, a lefty. All the righty EEs are just "copies" of the real deal. ;)
    • leftyjay
      yes, this EE is awesome, plus it is a lefty guitar. i really love this guitar. super light weight and fun to play. i would love to find a red EE with bigsby. those are very very rare. i've only seen one at southpaw guitars in houston. they wanted list price for it. had to pass it up.
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