04 My Country Gentleman

04 My Country Gentleman
SJB66, Jul 18, 2008
    • dafreeze
      I'm rather partial to this one. Since I was a kid, this is the guitar I imagined when I thought of 'Gretsch'.

      Curious about this and it's history. I've got an '05 6122-62 Country Classic. I'm now familiar with the model, the company, Baldwin, Fender and Chet Atkins and how they interplayed on this particular guitar.

      But until I saw yours, I'd the impression that all the years where they carried the 'Gentleman' title (as opposed to 'Classic'), they had the jakebrakes. Don't see 'em on yours. What year is it and is 'Chet Atkins' still formally in it's title?
    • SJB66
      Im sorry it i actually a 2003 Country Classic. I always call it the Country Gentleman, I liked that name so much better. Sorry for any confusion.
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