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  1. Gold Penguin
    Gold Penguin
    "The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you" ... B.B. King
  2. Gold Penguin
    Gold Penguin
    "Have a good time all of the time" ... Viv Savage
  3. Bazzer
    Hoping to get some time with these two this weekend.
  4. flip
    flip jml77
    Hello jml77.

    I came across a roller bridge of almost exactly the right post width on a Chinese site called Banggood. Since it cost £8.75 inc shipping I decided it was worth a punt.

    Let me know if you want more details
    1. jml77
      I'll be interested to hear how you get on. It's so hit and miss with parts.
      Both of the bridges I bought seem to be behaving themselves , no problems so far. all the rollers appear to be rolling and good sustain and no rattles. I would like to get one of the fancy one-piece rocker bridges, tru-arc or similar, the high price is putting me off though,
      Jan 11, 2021 at 2:13 PM
  5. Brian Krashpad
    Brian Krashpad Scamp
    Izzat a Breadwinner/Deacon 12 in your default pic? I can't see whether the fretboard inlays are dots or diamonds due to the small size.

    I have a Breadwinner 6-string in sky blue.
    1. Scamp
      It's a Deacon 12 string with diamond inlays
      I also have a 1975 black Breadwinner and a Viper
      Jan 7, 2021
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  6. Blister
    Just learning how to work this site. If someone could let me know how to post a photo on my profile I would appreciate it.
  7. Blister
    Hello from the Capital District area of New York
  8. jabberwocky
  9. Merlinus
    Hi Folks, what is the best Lubricant for Gretsch/Bigsby?
    1. Tele295
      Break-Free gun oil with Teflon
      Dec 31, 2020
  10. lbrous2
    New owner of 2001 6120N
  11. Descanto
    Got a g2226t Gretsch Streamliner for Xmas. It's gunbarrel blue !
  12. Gold Penguin
    Gold Penguin
    Have a good time all of the time!
  13. doc538
    No longer a real member as I have sold/traded my Electromatic and do not have any other Gretsch guitars.
  14. dlew919
    If Jaco is the Hendrix of bass, Bonham the hendrix of drums, who then is the Hendrix of guitar?
  15. ldyore
  16. Jeremy Crockett
    Jeremy Crockett
    In January, my friend... in January.
  17. Tele295
    Be the bridge, not the troll underneath
  18. KenEG
    Waiting on my new Smoke Gretsch to arrive....
  19. lathoto
    The metallurgical report confirms that my Bigsby arm did in fact suffer a catastrophic fatigue failure.
  20. NiterideGuitarist
    NiterideGuitarist doctorSlo
    I did a double take. That guitar, that smile and the feel of that neck in your hand! I haven’t played mine in a while. I may need to dust off the dice today.
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