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  1. Frank2
    Looking for 1971 Super Chet pick-guard controls?
  2. sorbet
    Seek out the pick page at the John Pearse Strings (Breezy Ridge) website. Wood, bone, casein, smooth, dimple, sarod, perforated, etc.
  3. lathoto
    There is a finite amount of sunlight allotted for each day. Along with that is an infinite amount of twang.
  4. FireSpeaker128
    Joined the World of Gretsch on July 22nd, 2020
  5. Meatbucket
    Finish repair - Have a Roundup that has finish damaged and I wanted suggestions on someone to contact... Any thoughts? Thanks
  6. branny
    branny Back in Black
    Wow, where are you finding them?
  7. branny
    branny Back in Black
    It’s on this thread,
    Vintage Burns Tremolo Tailpiece
  8. branny
    branny Back in Black
    I’ve posted some pics on the build thread, can’t seem to be able to do it here, Burns terms are super rare, you’ve done well to find one.
    1. Back in Black
      Back in Black
      Since I bought this one, I've found two more, negotiating now for the third one, give me some guidance as to where I can find your photos, thanks branny.
      Jul 16, 2020
  9. branny
    branny Back in Black
    Hello, I’ve just sold a few of my Beast guitars, if you need any info let me know?
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    2. Back in Black
      Back in Black
      Thanks branny, any chance of a photo or two. my ''Salute'' is getting close, a few more days, have a second Burns Trem on its way from the UK, best, and thank you, Warren...BIB
      Jul 15, 2020
  10. 1960duo-jet
    NOT Electromatic!
  11. Jon Newquist
    Jon Newquist
    GuitarGeorge - strictly rhythm, no cry, no sing
  12. Leedsyjames
    ...I have a stock roller bridge and Bigsby atm. Cheers!
  13. Leedsyjames
    Hi Gretsch heads! Anyone have any experience in recommending a replacement upgrade bridge for my 1996 Japanese Sparkle/ Silver Jet?
  14. dlew919
    Gosh that Gretsch is good to play...
  15. Teflon Dave
    Teflon Dave
    I now have my second Gretsch, a 2012 5420T Sunburst.
  16. ColoCoug
    Retired and anjoying it!
  17. dlew919
    Write. Write when you don't feel like it. Write when you do. Just write.
  18. benson1963
    still trying to convince my wife that you can never have enough guitars
  19. Frank2
    Active entertainer, Guitar, Piano, Vocal.
  20. Baltibelly
    New Member & eagerly awaiting my Gretsch 5410 Rat Rod in fabulous Matte Black ❗️Hello Everyone