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  1. Frank2
    Active entertainer, Guitar, Piano, Vocal.
  2. Baltibelly
    New Member & eagerly awaiting my Gretsch 5410 Rat Rod in fabulous Matte Black ❗️Hello Everyone
  3. Tele295
    Right in the wolf patch...
  4. MrWookiee
    Guitar n00b.
  5. GuitAl
    GuitAl Dana Rudd
    Thanks Dana. You got a beautiful Gretsch. Do you play a long time?
    1. Dana Rudd
      Dana Rudd
      I've been playing since 1961, not a very good player but I have fun. Have 6 Gretsch Electromatics among my collection of guitars. They are habit forming.
      Jun 17, 2020
  6. DeBo
    DeBo calebaaron666
    Contact Ebay directly. They likely refunded you on behalf of the seller then dropped him from the service. Sounds to me like Ebay is out the money. If they say it's okay you got a free pedal. "Do unto others... Reap what you sow.... "Karma"" or what ever your religion or philosophy tells you.. Do what you know is right then you can truly enjoy your new pedal. Just my opinion of course.
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  7. Laurie
    Anyone replaced their stock tuners for locking tuners? Cheap/expensive/good/bad? Chinese copies?
  8. GuitAl
    Learning how to play the blues on my brand new amazing Gretsch 2622T Streamliner DC CB Bigsby IS
  9. GuitAl
    Learning how to play the blues on my brand new Gretsch .....
  10. Greaser
    Thanks for admitting me to the Club, Country, that is...
  11. dlew919
    Devastated at what's happening in the US now - stay safe everyone!
  12. multom
    multom otisblove
    My special item: an Ural guitar model Strat from Russia 1980, bought in St.Petersburg.
  13. christophervolume
  14. Jaskey
    Does anyone know when Gretsch started putting the serial number from the EDGE of the headstock to the BACK of the headstock?.
  15. Stefan
    Surrender to the Twang!
  16. dlew919
    Gretsch. For when you want the class of a Gibson, but the growl of a fender.
  17. BWPhoto
    BWPhoto new6659
  18. Shawnrule62
    I have a 5420 and I want to upgrade the tuning pegs. I found a good price on a 6120 set. Will they fit on my 5420?
  19. Willie McGee
  20. Willie McGee
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