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  1. TV the Wired Turtle
  2. andystrings
  3. clem1959
    Just purchased this awesome Tangerine orange G5435. I absolutely love it and have a Tru-Arc stainless bridge on order to complete the deal..
  4. Andrew John Riley
    Andrew John Riley
    Yes the serial is printed not a sticker .Is this normal on my gretsch electromatic double duo jet?
  5. Andrew John Riley
    Andrew John Riley
    CYG15020286 is printed on the back of my headstock ,it's not a sticker .is this the case with all gretch guitars made in china?
  6. Skydiver8
    If you give your life over to Jesus, you may not have an easier life but you WILL have a much better one.
  7. bazman
    40 years playing. 1st Gretsch and lovin' it
  8. RocketElvis
    Just got a Streamliner and looking for mods. Needs new tuners to start.
  9. bobkat
    bobkat Synchro
    Hullo, are you in here?? How have you been??
  10. Basvandergoor
    Heading to Bakersfield and LA on holiday Feb 6-19 can anyone recommend the best vintage guitar shops to visit In LA
  11. Actarus
    My G3110 Hollowbody Electric Primo
  12. Vernon
    I must stop pretending to be Al Kabong!!
  13. Papa_Z
    Just watch the Brian Setzer Christmas Extravaganza and wishing I had practiced more when I was younger!! :)
  14. bigchetfan
    The first part of status dropped. It said....playing new 6120 Chet Atkins 1959 copy.
  15. bigchetfan
    use to the bigger overall size and 10 ga strings.
  16. bigchetfan
    Playing a new 6120, 1959 Chet Atkins. Over 60 years a Fender bender. Getting
  17. Mudshark
    Preparing for surgery
  18. bobkat
    bobkat Synchro
    Hey Buddy you still haunting this ole sight??
  19. SetzerCommunity
    I'm looking for Setzer tabs, especially less popular songs, anyone for help ?
  20. macatt
    Playing 53 years and counting