Which volume pedal do you use?

Discussion in 'Pedal Pushers Forum' started by rockinforJesus, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. rockinforJesus

    rockinforJesus Synchromatic

    Nov 7, 2014
    Upstate New York
    “Asking for a friend”...
    Just wondering what volume pedals you use, and how much use does it see, and how long have you had it.
    I use the Ernie Ball VPJR, which is a great pedal until the string broke.
    Just one time fighting to replace that string, I swore never again.
    Looking for a durable high quality, maintenance free pedal that maintains signal quality.
    Has to have a smooth swell rate.
  2. RomanS

    RomanS Gretschie

    May 26, 2010
    Vienna, Austria
    I use a Fender Volume/Tone pedal for lap steel. It's one of the reissues from the late 90s. I also have an original one from the 60s, but it has scratchy pots. Really love the tone part for "boohwaah" effects on steel. I also tried a vintage Dearmond 610 for that but prefer the action on the Fender.
    For regular guitar I currently don't use a volume pedal, but when I still did, I liked the Boss FV500H - very solid construction, no string to break, and very smooth taper.
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  3. larryb

    larryb Gretschified

    Oct 29, 2012
    Greenville, SC
    I had a Morley Mini for about 3 weeks...then pulled it from my board as I just ended up continuing to use my volume knob instead...but the pedal did what it was supposed to do and took up very little space.
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  4. kjmac

    kjmac Gretschie

    Mar 7, 2018
    Omaha, NE
    I have a Vox VX860 volume pedal that I bought (I think off Reverb) for about &70.00. No strings, all gears. Works great and is very linear. I keep it on the right side of my pedal board. Gives all my guitars a treble bleed circuit as it let's all the high frequencies through. Very pleased with it.
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  5. Frank_NH

    Frank_NH Synchromatic

    Mar 25, 2013
    Lebanon, NH
    I use a Boss FV500H volume pedal with my Blues Cube Artist. I actually use it as an expression pedal with the GA-FC foot controller, which allows me to control the master volume on the amp.
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  6. Hammerhands

    Hammerhands Country Gent

    Aug 26, 2011
    I have a couple of volume pedals, and a bunch of expression pedals.

    I have an older Ernie Ball I bought new, before they moved the jacks to the front, I have never used it enough to break the string.

    My favourites right now are the Dunlop DVP-1 and DVP-1XL. They have a metal band instead of a string. It’s very smooth, you can adjust the tension. seems like a perfect idea. On the older chrome DVP-1 I have, the band is probably going to break eventually from metal fatigue, but they fixed that problem, they say. I’ve read the failure is common if you use the pedal in the cold.

    You can get the DVP pedals in three diferent sizes. The X ones have an expression pedal out. I wanted the largest 1XL to match the DVP-1.

    I have a Boss FV-500H. It’s a tank. Nice and controllable. It has the minimum volume. I saw the FV-30H in the store the other day, those look really cool. Not a lot of positie reviews. Odd they don’t have an expression out. Ah, there’s an EV-30. I wonder if you could put the pot from the FV-500H in the EV30?

    I think you could build an external minimum volume.
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  7. Dennison

    Dennison Country Gent

    Jul 17, 2011
    Kent, UK
    Morley -- the big one. It also has a footswitch to convert it to a wah. The wah switch worked fine last time I tried it -- about 15 years ago. This pedal doesn't sit on my board -- it is hitched up 'offshore' for gigs where I think I might need it.
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  8. swivel

    swivel Synchromatic

    May 13, 2018
    I've had a bunch, I just cant live with the tone deficit. Anything other than wide open just degrades the sound to my ears. I currently have a Morley opti type (no better) and an old simple "pot with two jacks" type. The old one is better tone but still....
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  9. Henry

    Henry Gretschified

    Apr 9, 2014
    Mission, really like it, works in any position but needs power. Conapny is based in my town. Very high quality, great build. I notice them on a lot of boards. Heavy and a but pricey. Not sure of your budget, but heard good things about Lehle and Hilton(?), both pricey and have unique aesthetics.
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  10. wabash slim

    wabash slim Friend of Fred

    Feb 10, 2010
    lafayette in
    I use a Morley for my Korg XB-2. In the '60s, I had a Vox unit that was simple and bulletproof. Wish I still had it.
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  11. loudnlousy

    loudnlousy Friend of Fred

    Oct 18, 2015
    Hildesheim, Germany
    I don`t use a volumepedal right now but I used to own a very nice Morley that was quiet (because it was without a mechanical pot), sturdy and quite affordable. My recommendation.
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  12. Paul in Colorado

    Paul in Colorado Gretschie

    Jun 2, 2008
    Fort Collins, CO
    I have two that I use all the time, an old Ernie Ball that I sent to them to refurbish and replace the pot on the side with a tuner out jack. The other is an Ibanez VP-10 that's stereo and can double as a pan pedal. It also has a minimum pot and a tuner out. I got it used in the early '90's and it's still going strong.

    I also have a '70's Morley that is huge and a '70's DeArmond with a replaced pot that my steel player borrowed and doesn't want to give back. He's done me a bunch of favors, so I don't complain. I do want it back, though.
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  13. macatt

    macatt Gretschie

    Mar 18, 2011
    Silverdale WA
    Old Fender volume pedals from the 60s and 70s (discontinued in '85).
    I have four of them.
    S Mac
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  14. wilblee

    wilblee Synchromatic

    May 23, 2013
    TX Hill Country
    Visual Volume. Best I’ve ever used. I’ve had it on the board over 5 years. It’s always worked flawlessly.

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  15. rcboals

    rcboals Country Gent

    Nov 21, 2008
    Springfield Oregon


    I use the ones used by countless old guys alive and dead. like Scotty Moore, Cliff Gallup, Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins, Roy Clark, and the newest old guy Brian Setzer.
    Main Reasons
    1. Less chance of tripping and falling and breaking a hip.
    2. More accurate control with your hand vs your foot. (just try the difference with turning a door knob foot or hand?)
    3. You probably already own one no extra cost or modification involved.
    4. No accidental turning it completely off because of lack of co-ordination
    5. It really works great.

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  16. Charlie westside

    Charlie westside Synchromatic

    Jul 27, 2018
    Sylmar Califirnia
    I use a Morley. Basic, easy, and quiet.
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  17. Hammerhands

    Hammerhands Country Gent

    Aug 26, 2011
    There’s a used one of these for sale on the Long & McQuade website. Is it a minimum volume? Someone wrote in black marker, maybe, “More”.
  18. Paul in Colorado

    Paul in Colorado Gretschie

    Jun 2, 2008
    Fort Collins, CO
    I was told it changed the taper somehow. I don't think it did much of anything by the time I got it which is one of the reasons I had it removed and the tuner jack put in it's place.
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  19. RG7X

    RG7X Gretschie

    Nov 11, 2018
    Los Angeles

    I have the EB 40th Anniversary model (w/ kevlar cord). Works like a champ.
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  20. LivingMyDream

    LivingMyDream Country Gent

    I've still got an Ernie Ball Jr. volume pedal, but in addition to the string issue, I found that it was a little touchy for me. It had everything to do with how I interacted with the pedal, so I don't blame the pedal. I just decided that I needed something that was a little stiffer in it's movement so that it didn't suddenly react as I was putting my foot on it. I found the right volume pedal for me in the Morley Volume Plus pedal. The "Plus" is a little knob that can set the minimum volume. Nice little feature.

    kjmac, I had never thought about that aspect. I'll have to see if the Morley produces the same effect.
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