This years Strat colors

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    Jun 8, 2015
    I'll play, if for no other reason than to provide a visual reference for my aforementioned Jet Stream Blue Classic Series '50s strat ;)

    This was my first "real" strat, pic taken shortly after I bought it. It is somewhat over saturated , but it gives a bit of an idea of the blue side of its nature:

    Here it is exhibiting its grey look & retrofit w/ a Callaham vintage style bridge, SD Antiquity II pups w/ Emerson/CTS/CRL/Switchcraft electronics wired w/ Luxe cloth pushback in a 5 way w/ Neck/Bridge blend pot scheme, a great unbleached bone nut from my luthier friend, & Kluson Supreme tuning machines & setup in D# w/.010-.049 strings & a full step worth of float.:

    That remains my only Fender/Squier branded strat type guitar, but I've got a vintage turquoise EBMM Cutlass, w/ vintage tint maple neck & rosewood board, a '95 G&L Legacy in black w/ a thick beveled white guard & a maple neck, & my still in progress partscaster that's a tru-oil finished roasted swamp ash body w/ a roasted maple neck & an ebony board that are all long term keepers & every bit of the "true" strat that the Classic '50s is in my book.

    The Cutlass is one of my favorite strat color combos I've encountered in person, also haven't quite manged to capture the totality of its character in pixel form, but average these couple pics and it gives a somewhat decent idea:
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