The other Music City in Tennessee, Fresh From Synchro Studios

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    The name Tennessee is a significant part of my day, today. We all know that Nashville is Music City, but there's this other place called Memphis.

    For all you technophiles, the instrumentals were recorded live, drums mic'd, bass & guitar DI to GarageBand. We were all using headsets and could hear the raw mix that way. It took three takes, but we thought this one was OK. There are flaws in my playing, but it's good enough for a live cut. I sang without a mic' while we recorded each take and that can be very faintly hear on the drum track, but is of course, masked completely by the vocal track, which I added afterward by singing along while listening to the track on a headset.

    G-T member, Cactus Andy did the bass part and mixed the track. It sounds much better than my paltry attempt at mixing, which ca no longer be played to prisoners of war for purposes of interrogation per the Geneva Convention. Too bad, 'cause we were getting some great intel' that way. :)
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    Great work , enjoyed that . Thanks for sharing
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    Sounds good, Synchro. Always loved this song.
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    Sounds great! Love it!!!!
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    Sounds like it was a good time, and the finished product was a fun listen! :where's that thumbs up smilie?:
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    Thanks guys. The story of that song becoming a hit is pretty fascinating in and of itself. Johnny Rivers was the first act to serve as House band at the Whiskey a Go Go and his show was, essentially, an Oldies show. Chuck Berry had some minor chart success with this song in 1959, but Rivers’ live version from the Whiskey went over well with the audience, and was the standout tune from the album he recorded there. IIRC, it went to #4 on the charts and Johnny Rivers baecame a star overnight. Face it, he has the perfect voice for the tune and the guitar work was appealing and effective. We do several River’s tunes with the Lug Nuts and I love them all.

    Thanks for the kind words, guys.