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The Joyo of cheap pedals

Discussion in 'Pedal Pushers Forum' started by nadles, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. nadles

    nadles Country Gent

    Until very recently I used a BOSS GT6 for effects. I rarely used the amp modeling. Anyway i decided to get some cheap stomp boxes to go with my Vox pathfinder 15 R as small portable rig i can throw in the car.

    After doing a bit of research i bought a Joyo Compressor, Joyo Ultimate Octave, Joyo Ultimate Drive and a Behringer Analogue delay (all up less then $200 AUD).

    Wow!! These are serioulsy good sounding pedals. for $39 the Behringer Analogue delay is outstanding. The Joyo Ultimate drive is sensational, very smooth and versatile - amazing value for the price (It doesn't need the Freakish Blues mod). I know there are better pedals out there, but for the price these are great.

    These pedals sound wonderful with the Vox, then I tried them with a couple of valve amps (Tweed Deluxe and Tweed Princeton clones) - Even better!!!:eek:

    I havent used the GT6 since....

    NB Joyo Ultimate Octaave - great sonding Fuzz pedal, though I'm not as keen on the octave sound. From the interweb It appears that there is an error in the octave circuit, the fix is to reverse the polarity of two caps. I will try this eventually.
  2. The Marlin

    The Marlin Friend of Fred

    Feb 2, 2011
    There is a problem with the Joyo Octaver. It's a copy if an existing fuzz pedal, but a few components are installed the wrong way around.

    Search google for the mod, it's a case of removing a resistor, and soldering if in reverse, or replacing .......can't remember.

    Results afterward are better still

    Good luck

  3. The Marlin

    The Marlin Friend of Fred

    Feb 2, 2011
    Oh, yea. I have lots of overdrive pedals, some very expensive. I love the Ultimate Drive. A fan pedal. A clone of the OCD, but fabulous, non the less.
  4. ReverberatingDream

    ReverberatingDream Gretschie

    May 14, 2011
    Congrats on your new pedals! I have a GT-6 right now too. I have one bank programmed so that at one touch it is a giant tuner/delay/reverb/chorus/volume/wah tank. I never used the amp modelling either, after realizing how crappy it sounded (when chasing real tube sound)...but all those pedal options in one heavy metal box is handy. Since I don't go out much with my gear!

    I'm trying to consider switching to individual pedals...but then every once in awhile I really enjoy being able to try a new effect out of the bazillion stored in the thing. So I guess I'm keeping it.?.

    I'm interested to know if you end up going back to it for anything in future
  5. bartfoghorn

    bartfoghorn Electromatic

    Jan 1, 2011
    Thanks for posting these. I've been loving Danelectro products... but I really avoid using much in the way of effects live. Still, these look interesting.
  6. nadles

    nadles Country Gent

    Funnily enough, the only amp model I used on the GT6 was the the JC120 - not surprising Boss/Roland got that one so good. I'm hanging on to the GT6 as there are so many effects available, the other bonus was using it as a volume pedal - it helped tame the JTM45 for bedroom use.
  7. Sharkblues

    Sharkblues Country Gent

    Aug 22, 2010
    I'nm VERY happy with the Joyo Fuzz I can't see any reason with my limited fuzz use to spend more.

    I've flirted with the Ultimate Drive for months now, maybe I should ask her out.
  8. nadles

    nadles Country Gent

    You won't regret it. Wonderful sounding pedal.
  9. nadles

    nadles Country Gent

    I'll do the mod some time. The story is that the schematic for the pedal it's cloned from has deliberate errors and these have been faithfully copied by Joyo.
  10. johnnyguitar

    johnnyguitar Country Gent

    Jul 10, 2009
    Love the cheap stuff, I haven't tried the Joyo brand but it sounds similar to the Daelectro where they clone the more expensive pedals. Great platforms for modding and learning your way around a circuit too. I'm not surprised your happier with a few analog pedals over a digital processor though, as they don't mess with your signal so to speak :)
  11. Sharkblues

    Sharkblues Country Gent

    Aug 22, 2010
    Doesn't Damelectro make a Tim copy? I've also heard of rehousing kits for dan pedals, but never seen one. I have a Dan Cool Cat Tremolo that I really like, but hate the housing.
  12. Neoj4zz

    Neoj4zz Gretschie

    Sep 30, 2011
    Chicago Burbs
    I borrowed my buddy's OCD v1 last week. Nice sounding pedal. I'm not much of an effects guy but I liked it enough to order a Joyo UD to give me a boost at low volumes. I tried it out two nights ago and if you set it right, it's pretty close. However, if I used a pedal all the time, I would probably consider buying one that's better constructed. I received mine from an Amazon distributor with a broken LED that fades in and out. Makes you wonder how durable they are. I guess you could buy 3 of these for that price. They wanted me to pay for shipping back, which isn't worth the cost of a $1.60 Radio shack LED I can solder in.
  13. cybermgk

    cybermgk Synchromatic

    Jan 4, 2012
    Grayslake, Il
    Have both the Vintage OD (would prefer the Ulti Drive, but this was a trade throw-in) and the compressor. Both very good. As good as top of the line? No, but easily as good as pedals 2-3 or even 4 times their cost.
  14. ampe

    ampe Country Gent

    May 11, 2011
    i have a danelectro french toast and just love it

    i have 4 gain based boxes, a wah chorus and extra tuner even though i have a multi effect pedal
    they just are better and easier to use
  15. johnnyguitar

    johnnyguitar Country Gent

    Jul 10, 2009
    When I started my pedal addiction I had 3 cool cats, the silver drive, the trem and the vibe. Eventually replaced all of them for gigging but they are still fun for recording and just messing around with. The Trem was the last to go, and went all out with the Supa Trem(Fulltone). It was picking up radio signals at gigs LOL!
  16. nadles

    nadles Country Gent

  17. mike fried

    mike fried Gretschie

    Aug 23, 2011
    I have the pedal and have done the mod - the story is true (it's an attempted clone of the Fulltone Ultimate Octave pedal) and the mod does correct the octave function. If you don't have good effects pedal-level soldering tools/skills I would leave the mod to a pro though, things are tight in there and it's not a mod-friendly pcb.
  18. nadles

    nadles Country Gent

    Thanks Mike, I've read that the board is a bit fragile and difficult to work on. I have built a few pedals and amps, but I haven't tried modding an existing pedal. When the time comes I'll have a look at its innards and see if I'm up to the challenge.
  19. MatchlessMan

    MatchlessMan Country Gent

    Nov 29, 2010
    Swindon UK
    +1 to that!
  20. nadles

    nadles Country Gent

    Well I added another cheap pedal to the collection today - A Behringer RV600 Reverb machine. First impressions are very good. It has a range of useful reverbs giving you a choice of 63 spring, Spring, Plate, Room, Hall, Chamber, Ducking, Space, Cave, Tile and Echo. The space setting gives an octave shimmer in the background.

    I decided to get this pedal ahead of the GDI21 as only one of my valve amps has reverb. So far I've only tested it with the Vox pathfinder and it sounds sweet! :D

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