Tele vs Strat

Discussion in 'Other Cool Guitars' started by Flouswa, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Bertotti

    Bertotti Country Gent

    Jul 20, 2017
    South Dakota
    Zzounds has a sapphire blue deluxe strat that looks incredible!
  2. Jimi D

    Jimi D Gretschie

    Nov 29, 2017
    You know, I love guitars... and I'm very fond of my Gretsch guitars... and I really like my PRS guitars... and the Strat I built for myself from carefully horded Fender parts over a few years of wheeling and dealing is a thing of beauty afaic... but you can have my Teles when you pry 'em from my cold, dead hands...


    I vote Tele. (but really, if you can, you gotta get both)
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  3. O Riley

    O Riley Gretschie

    Just remember OP, not all Telecasters sound the same.
    A Fender sounds very different than a GL.
    Trust me, I did my home work and drove all over looking
    for...that one...with the sound, weight and vibe.
    I ended up with a Falcon. Big difference I know. Oh well.

    For an authentic representation of a good Tele feel and sound.
    Test drive a NoCaster for reference. And I think you'll agree.

    It all depends which tones you like. And who's tones you like.
    Tele players versus Strat players.

    What type of music do you play?
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  4. rockinforJesus

    rockinforJesus Synchromatic

    Nov 7, 2014
    Upstate New York
    B7957474-D4B9-454C-B5BE-0D0B293E22DE.png 7F88F242-012A-4A83-8562-81A42D223F69.png
    They make semi hollows with the F hole too
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  5. Howard hughes

    Howard hughes Synchromatic

    Mar 22, 2018
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  6. Charlie westside

    Charlie westside Country Gent

    Jul 27, 2018
    Sylmar Califirnia
    At this stage in my musical life.........
    I am happiest with my Gretsch.
  7. RocknRollShakeUp

    RocknRollShakeUp Synchromatic

    Jun 20, 2017
    That's awesome. So it isn't a Vox?
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  8. wabash slim

    wabash slim Friend of Fred

    Feb 10, 2010
    lafayette in
    1. Two pickups, two knobs and a switch are all you need.
    2. Leo got it right the first time.
    3. With G&L, Leo it got right this time, too.
    4. You'd think that with Strats, they'd give you all 7 pickup combinations.
    5. Teles are probably the easiest modding platform. Even Fender has made many versions of them.

    Of course, some of my favorite guitarists use Strats, so, take it all with a grain of salt. To me, the most important aspect is how it sounds and plays. Looks and price after that.
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  9. somebodyelseuk

    somebodyelseuk Country Gent

    Jan 22, 2013
    Birmingham, UK
    Fender necks only differ in the head shapes and heel shaping, as a general rule. Strats necks come in different profiles, but the same profiles are available on Teles.
    After that, it's really a case of which body you feel more comfortable on and which sound you like more...
    ... and with their new 'Barnham Series', you can have one's layout on the other's body...
    In to a shop and try 'em is the best thing to do.
  10. mschafft

    mschafft Gretschie

    Jan 19, 2017
    For a first Fender I would recommend a Telecaster with a six-saddle adjustment bridge. Make sure you get one with reverse polarity pickups to get a hum-free middle position sound (Texas Special pickups come to mind).

    Strats are comfy but the tremolo tends to knock your guitar out of tune if you don't know how to set it up properly. The middle pickup gets in the way of your picking hand. Strats sound great but not as punchy and clear as Teles. The middle position on a good Tele is that of a Les Paul with more articulation. It's the perfect positioning of pickups.

    Vintage type three-barrel Tele bridges are tricky to set up (they have to be angled or compensated to get good intonation), which is why I recommend a modern bridge for a first Fender.

    Now if you can try a few Fenders and the strat ergonomics wins you over all the more power to you. Just check out Karl's How To Vid on tremolo set up :
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  11. Dennison

    Dennison Country Gent

    Jul 17, 2011
    Kent, UK
    If you like the Strat 2 & 4 position 'quack' sounds then get a three pickup Tele -- quite a few of those around. Alternatively, get a Strat and fit a Duncan Twangbanger in the bridge position -- not really the same as a proper Tele bridge pickup, but meatier than a typical Strat bridge pickup.

    Really, as has already been said, you probably need both. If cost is an issue, look at used Squier Classic Vibe versions.
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  12. Howard hughes

    Howard hughes Synchromatic

    Mar 22, 2018
    wow that is a nice bunch! i love them all...
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  13. Howard hughes

    Howard hughes Synchromatic

    Mar 22, 2018
  14. Howard hughes

    Howard hughes Synchromatic

    Mar 22, 2018
    wow that daphne blue one with matching headstock!
  15. Flouswa

    Flouswa Country Gent

    I play a lot of "jangle" pop--Tom Petty, Gin Blossoms, along with Radney Foster and a few others. I know that Scotty Johnson of the Gins and Rad are both Tele fans. I really do need to go play both at some point.
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  16. larryb

    larryb Gretschified

    Oct 29, 2012
    Greenville, SC
    Strats are great, they really are.....but Teles are perfection IMO. I had a Strat first. It was an American Standard that I got for a steal off Craigslist. I loved, loved, loved that guitar.....until one day, when I walked into our little local music store in Western NC, and went upstairs, where they kept their used/vintage guitars. My eyes got googly as I spotted a chrome red USA Tele hanging on the wall. Back then, I associated Teles with country music and I was a huge SRV fan, so the Strat seemed to make more sense at the time, and I had never even tried a Tele prior to that day.
    It was so pretty and that red and chrome combo had lured me in like the siren's song. The moment I picked up that guitar and plugged it in, it was like the heavens had opened and everything I knew how to play sounded better than it had ever sounded before. After about 10 minutes of drooling over that magnificent beast, I asked the store owner if she would take a straight up trade for my Strat...which was newer and practically mint. She was more than willing and even told me that I would regret trading a Strat for a Tele. This was 1995....and, although I no longer have that Tele, I have never gone back to preferring a Strat. I have owned and sold Strats since, and still love them.....but there is no better guitar, no guitar more perfect...than a Tele
  17. Jimi D

    Jimi D Gretschie

    Nov 29, 2017
    You know, I believe that a great guitar is really a bit of fortuitous synchronicity... You take any two copies of the same instrument from the racks at any manufacturer and there will be those subtle differences in feel, in weight, in tone, resonance and "vibe" that will have you clearly preferring one instrument to the other... these aren't things you can see buying a guitar on-line but they jump out at you when you play them side-by-side. The best advice really is "play a bunch and buy the one that speaks to you"... You'll surely know it when you find it...
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  18. johnny g

    johnny g Synchromatic

    Sep 2, 2017
    union, ms
    I know I said Tele. I can remember watching Buddy Holly in 1957 on the Ed Sullivan show and seeing a strange looking guitar. I think it was a strat. The rest in Rock and Roll history. So put that in your pipe and smoke it little lady.
  19. Synchro

    Synchro The artist formerly known as: Synchro Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2008
    Admin Post
    Both are great instruments and both have carved a substantial niche in the overall market. Teles twang like a son-of-a-gun and give you a very solid sound. Strats have more possibilities but have a softer effect, overall, in the mix. Try before you buy is the best advice, but I’ve always felt that I didn’t really know a guitar until I played it at a gig. A guitar that sounds great in the living room might not work so well in a band situation.

    From prior experience, I’d take a Dynasonic Jet over either. Basically, a Jet is like a Tele, but a bit more oomph and a Bigsby to boot.
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  20. englishman

    englishman Gretschified

    Apr 5, 2014
    @Flouswa as you can see, you've tapped into one of the great debates in guitardom. Both 'camps' have their point of view and both are valid. As we've said, the only way to know is to play them yourselves.

    But Telecasters rule!
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