Summer NAMM 2019: Gretsch Unveils New Electromatic Models

Discussion in 'THE Gretsch Discussion Forum' started by ZackyDog, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Ricochet

    Ricochet I Bleed Orange

    Nov 13, 2009
    Monkey Island
    Not sure if you think that's on the high or low side, but Gretsch has the luxury of not having to differentiate much between models apart from budget or Prolines. I'm not sure how many SGs Gibson put out this year but a big box dealer like Thomann Germany carries about 20 different Gibson SGs as we speak(not counting Epis).
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  2. Waxhead

    Waxhead Country Gent

    Aug 30, 2014
    Yes Gibson SGs are cheap cos they are just a slab of wood with good humbucker pups and a good neck.
    They are light, have great upper fret access, look great and sound just as good as an LP imo.

    A Corvette is no different and can easily be upgraded with Powertrons and maybe a bigsby / locking tuners in a variety of colours and made in Japan as a proline model at a price competitive with SGs.

    They'd have the Powertrons and bigsby as the point of difference from SGs while keeping all the other very popular features.

    This is a far bigger and younger market than stuffing around with tiny variations on hollowbodies :)
  3. Ricochet

    Ricochet I Bleed Orange

    Nov 13, 2009
    Monkey Island
    For a slab body design they can get pretty pricey. Prices at Thomann start at 900 bucks for a simple Tribute all the way up to 7000 for CS models. But that’s Gibson pricing for you.

    I always liked the Nono sig Corvette, but could do without the B5 and dot inlays.

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  4. larryb

    larryb Gretschified

    Oct 29, 2012
    Greenville, SC
    I guess I just cant see Gretsch making a proline for only $1000...I wish they would and think it could be done. I just dont see it happening.
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  5. DennisC

    DennisC Synchromatic

    May 11, 2017
    Hm, let's see ... no.
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  6. musicman100

    musicman100 Country Gent

    Aug 15, 2008
  7. Waxhead

    Waxhead Country Gent

    Aug 30, 2014
    Well I did say around $1000 originally and price competitive with SGs- so that could be like up to $1200 :)
  8. Waxhead

    Waxhead Country Gent

    Aug 30, 2014

    What pups are in that one? - I'd want TVJ Powertrons.
    And the B5 could easy be ditched if it didn't operate great.
    Put in thumb nail inlays, ebony fingerboard, chrome hardware, a few different colours and bingo - big seller imo :)
  9. Ricochet

    Ricochet I Bleed Orange

    Nov 13, 2009
    Monkey Island
    The Nono sig has Powertrons. Ebony would be great but no biggie. Def thumbnails!
  10. mapotofu

    mapotofu Electromatic

    May 1, 2018
    Just noticed on Sweetwater that the new versions of the G5622T centerblock models are now made in China vs Korea. You can clearly see the country of origin on the back of the headstock (new version in dark cherry vs old version in georgia green). I'm a big fan of the previous v2 5622t. Wondering how the new version compares in quality.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  11. Merc

    Merc Country Gent

    May 6, 2017
    I had noticed that as well on the Imperial Stain 5622 on Gretsch's website. I know the Chinese guitars have improved but have no idea if it’s Korean quality. The switch has got to be for profit reasons. Unless Gretsch suspects a war about to break out on the peninsula.

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  12. stephenyi

    stephenyi Newbie

    Aug 19, 2013
    That imperial stain is gorgeous and I'm fond of the dark cherry finish as well but I still prefer the specs on the Korean v2 model -- rosewood vs laurel, super hilos vs broad'tron, and open vintage tuners vs die cast.
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  13. Stefan

    Stefan Country Gent

    Jan 20, 2016
    Those die cast tuners look wrong, same for the headstock shape (or I‘m wrong).
    Made in China is like Made in Korea ten years ago...
  14. Henry

    Henry Gretschified

    Apr 9, 2014
    Well the price does appear to be lower on the Chinese made 5622 from what I could infer online.
  15. Stefan

    Stefan Country Gent

    Jan 20, 2016
    The Steve Wariner model is really tempting, even if I‘m not a big friend of painted f-holes and black archtops. But man, what a tone!
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