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Streamliner Jr Recommendations

Discussion in 'Streamliner Gretsch Forum' started by Chuckie, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Chuckie

    Chuckie Electromatic

    Jun 3, 2018
    Just picked up a Gretsch Streamliner Jr for $$. Better workmanship than the 6120 I sold recently. Only problem is the pickups are "dull" sounding. I raised the pickup height and that helped. Any recommendations on replacement pickups that are direct replacements(no modifications required)? I play through a Supro Titan amp. I also want to replace the controls with speed knobs or Gretsch logo chrome knobs, how do I remove the current plastic knobs?
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  2. BorderRadio

    BorderRadio Country Gent

    Mar 6, 2014
    Phoenix, AZ
    I find it hard to believe about the 6120, but hey you scored well if so :)

    TV Classics with Gibson rings are direct drop in as they come, and knobs, well you just pop those suckers off, pulling straight up. I have a tool for that, but a cotton rag wrapped around and underneath the knob works just as well. Where’s the pics???
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  3. audept

    audept I Bleed Orange

    Dec 1, 2010
    Sydney, Australia
    Welcome to the forum, Chuckie!
  4. Welcome. Some photos will help us admire your guitar.

    Sorry, can't help on the pickup suggestion, I put FilterTrons in mine which required a bit of work. The cotton rag tool works, although the knobs on my CBJr were really tight.
  5. MarkyMac

    MarkyMac Gretschie

    Congrats! I have the G2655t and love it.
    This may be obvious, (and therefore possibly dumb on my part sorry) but the cheap 'POS' single tone control pot on the guitar makes an awesome tone 'muffler'.
    I used to accidentally brush mine and wind it to 'bass' and the sound went instantly like it was wrapped in a thick towel playing through a duffle bag.
    I now have it set all the way to 'treble' permanently and it's fine.
    I'm sure you've checked it, but just a crazy thought before you go spending $$$$
    Enjoy the new Geet. For the $$$$ they are simply awesome.
    Cheers - Mark
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  6. TNO1

    TNO1 Electromatic

    Apr 17, 2018
    North Carolina
  7. Chuckie

    Chuckie Electromatic

    Jun 3, 2018
    For the time being I'm sticking with the Broadtron pups, I've adjusted the height to the point that they sound acceptable. A P90 replacement would be a good choice! I have a Les Paul with P90s and it sounds delicious! The P90s are the only pups that challenge the units in my Ric 330 and 350.

    I've ordered 4 chrome replacement knobs, they should be here next week. The oem knobs do not want to come off.

    Any Bigsby advice, every time I use it the tuning goes seriously out of whack. Never ever seen one with such low tolerance for use.

    Any ideas on where to get a hard case?
  8. section2

    section2 Electromatic

    Dec 21, 2016
    I had a devil of a time getting the stock knobs off of my G2655, but they eventually came off when I wrapped a dishcloth around them and pulled up steadily and slowwwwwwly with far more force than I would have thought necessary. Keep at it; you'll get there.

    As for the Bigsby: on B5/B50s, the culprit is often the tension roller bar. If the break angle is too sharp, it can put too much tension on the roller, causing it to bind and preventing it from coming back into tune when you finish a bend. I've heard that some people have had good results with Brick's Biggs Fix. I had the same tuning problem on my Hagstrom, which has a vibrato similar to a B5, and I eventually solved it by just restringing the guitar and bypassing the tension roller altogether. You might want to try that before shelling out for the Brick's. If you can get enough of a break angle to keep the strings in the saddles without using the tension roller, you should find that your tuning stability has improved. The other thing I'd do is check the nut to ensure that the strings aren't binding there.

    Good luck!
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  9. section2

    section2 Electromatic

    Dec 21, 2016
    One more thing: I've been experimenting to try to improve the dull sound of the pickups on my Streamliner, and I came across another post on the forum that suggested modding the bridge pickup by removing the pole pieces for the E, A, & D strings from the row closest to the bridge, removing the pole pieces for the G, B, & high E strings from the row closest to the neck, lowering the body of the pickup, and increasing the height of the remaining pole pieces. I tried it out today and found that the bridge pickup had a LOT more life and snap in it. It's not quite where I want it yet, but I've got a newfound hope that some further tweaking will get it there. You may find that it's worth playing with the pickup and pole piece heights before buying new pickups.
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  10. Notscott

    Notscott Electromatic

    Jan 29, 2012
    I had a Stremliner Jr briefly before I had to return it due to a faulty truss rod. Yeah, compared to a typical Gretsch, it is dark sounding. However, what really impressed me about the guitar is that it makes a killer blues machine as is.

    I also had problems with the Bigsby staying in tune. I tried all the tricks I knew and it was always hit or miss if it would return to pitch.

    Regardless, I liked how mine sounded and played.
  11. P90s aren't the same size as humbuckers and won't drop in. You could try P94s (humbucker-sized P90s), but I've read that they sound a little different because of the size difference.

    Maybe try warming the knobs with a hair dryer before pulling them up. I'm paranoid, so I would protect the finish with a cloth.

    The G2655 (non-Bigsby) fits in an Epiphone ES-339 case. There is a little wiggle room between the lid and the guitar, but I'm not sure if it's enough to close properly with a Bigsby.

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  12. Rock Lajoint

    Rock Lajoint Gretschie

    Nov 16, 2014
    Sussex, England
    I took the knobs off my G2420T with a store loyalty card and 2 guitar picks (green Tortex ones were thick enough). I used a loyalty card rather than other type because it's not embossed.

    Lay the card in the guitar top under the knob.
    Put one of the picks on top of it with the long edge towards the knob and push that under too.
    Push the pointy end of the second pick between the card and the first pick. Push it in far enough and the knob should pop off. Mine did.
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  13. Chuckie

    Chuckie Electromatic

    Jun 3, 2018
    The old card and picks trick!
    Didn't work.
    Got tired of fighting the damn things. Stuck my very thick AAA member card under the knob and used a very small screw driver to lift the knobs off. It took two hefty heaves on each knob to completely remove it. The guys at the factory must be very proudof those knobs because it doesn't seem like they anticipated anyone ever wanting to remove them.
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