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    I saw Dead Moon a few times over the years and Pierced Arrows once. I wasn't that familiar with their music, so live was the only way I knew them. They put on great shows, and rocked the house to be sure... Fred was legend. RIP.
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    Fred and Toody recorded a country record pre-Dead Moon that is one of my top 10 records of all time.
    I have the vinyl, but bought the mp3’s just to upload the whole thing to youtube after he passed. It bugged me it wasn’t up there.

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    That's basically it. I agree with every word you wrote.
    What it came to the majority of the people under the word "grunge" was just as commercial as it was the music they pretend to have killed, but it has nothing to do with the scene that generated the great bands you're mentioning that emerged from the undergound scene since mid 80s in the North West. I have good friends in Portland that came from that (their favourite local band of all times was, as you could imagine, Dead Moon).
    I think the dividing point between the music and the business of the whole scene it happened when Geffen decided that the whole underground rock scene could be exploited like any other and choose Nirvana as the next big thing in music. I've seen them in '91 in Italy (before Nevermind came out) and they were not even close to the band they became after Smells Like Teen Spirit, music-wise and songwriting-wise. They were a noise-punk band (more similar to early Dinosaurs Jr) with kind of catching hooks.
    The promotional campaign raised by the Geffen executives to promote Nirvana to stardom it's been one of the greatest achievements in the music biz. To be accurate, it's been a study issue for everyone who wanted to work in the music advertising business for many years after it happened.
    That's what I've been said from people who, at the times, used to work as internships with major labels and now work with indie companies that I'm more familiar with.
    Btw, my favourite Seattle band ever have been, since I've seen them live like 4 times during my staying in the North West (mainly Pdx though) are The Deflowers. :) They were such an influence to me that when I came back home I wanted to sound exactly like they did...:D
    I still have their cassette somewhere.
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