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    Since I know a number of members also play teles I thought I'd take a shot. Several months ago I bought a loaded and painted Chinese Tele body (the pups sounded like a dried cow turd but it is otherwise fine). The wood is Palowinna which was new to me. VERY light, very bright, and lots more sustain and overtones than I was expecting. Over time I have come to appreciate this guitar quite a bit. I am tempted to go Bigsby but am a tad wary if this wood can handle the weight, pressures, and general mauling. DOES ANY BODY HAVE EXPIERENCE WITH A B5 ON PALOWINNA WOOD? And if so, what are your thoughts? Thanks IMG_1017.jpg
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    I know Eman has made at least one guitar out of paulownia so I'm sure he'll chime in. Guitar Mill offers that option too. I think it's probably fine.
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    I'm up to about 6 now lol.

    The wood is very soft, I wouldn't be comfortable screwing on a B5/B50 to the top. It would work fine but over time I think the screws will start to pull out of the body with the tension. A better bet if you were determined would be the B17. Perhaps with slightly longer screws that usual in the tailpiece.

    When I did a body from paulownia I glued in a block of ash for the tremolo posts. I wish I could find a regular supplier of it.
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    E-man knows what he is talking about.
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    Thanks guys. I had an ugly suspicion and I'm glad I asked. Cheers!