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    As in Newly Tweaked Tennessee Rose Day.

    So I bought my Tennessee Rose used at the end of last year, and I fell in love with it at the store. I took it home and have been playing it just as it was set up ever since. Have you ever just felt like you wanted to tweak your guitar, just to see if it could get any better? Well that's what I decided to do tonight (Newly Tweaked Tennessee Rose Day).

    Again, I liked what I heard from the TR at the store and ever since, so I don't know what made me decide to make a few changes, but I did. Lowered the action a bit, raised the treble side of the neck pickup just ever the slightest amount, retuned it, and rechecked the intonation - which was still spot on. When I was done, my Tennessee Rose was absolutely a new guitar - super easy to play (not that it was terrible before), it absolutely sings with awesome tone now, and I swear it has a little better sustain. Before, I could feel the body vibrating on my chest a little bit, but now the body is vibrating a lot more.

    Actually, I'm now feeling a little stupid for just buying it, and assuming it was "perfect." I realize that what I did tonight was make it absolutely "perfect" for me. The stupid feeling was with me for a short time, and then the joy just took over.

    Now I'm wondering how many others have played a guitar that they enjoyed, and later tweaked it and have enjoyed it even more?
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    Our constitution had one of my favorite phrases: "more prrfect". It acknowledges that while nothing is ever perfect, we should always try to be more perfect, even if we can never reach that asymptote of perfection.

    Congrats on tuning your Rose up!
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