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Nashville Classic 6122-1959

Discussion in 'THE Gretsch Discussion Forum' started by anothersixstringer, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. anothersixstringer

    anothersixstringer Electromatic

    Sep 12, 2009
    Brampton, ON
    After reading a lot about the Nashville 6122-1959, it seems to me that this is a superb guitar, which even had some guys calling it "the best" of the pro-line.
    Well, today I found out that my local music store has this holy grail hanging there.
    I saw this guitar long time ago, but didn't really pay much attention because of the price and me being Gretsch-ignorant (until recenty). I didn't even knew the model (other than it was not a country gent)
    Thing is, the gold plating is totally ...rusty? You know, has not been cleaned out, not shiny anymore, you get the picture. Totally tarnished.
    Has tons of fingerprints all over it, the once walnut stain seems to have lost colour, maybe because of the room lights (some parts are kind of purplish)
    in brief, had been hanging as I recall, at least for more than a year without proper care ( I know because one of my guitars was next to it, when I bought it a year ago)
    I tried it today with an amp and the sound comes straight from guitar heaven. What a sound !!!
    Even with the rusty strings, it was full and beautiful. Only thing I didn't like that much was the fixed bigsby arm (won't go down/up)

    I realize this is a rare and valuable find (it is "new"), and because of the mishandling, the price is 2.2K

    Question for you, Oh my Gretsch elders! :
    Is this guitar worth the price?
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  2. Sarah93003

    Sarah93003 Friend of Fred

    That seems like a decent price. I don't know really. Others should chime in. Have you checked on eBay to see what they are going for? Don't forget to negotiate the price!
  3. Synchro

    Synchro Super Moderator Staff Member

    Jun 2, 2008
    Tucson, AZ
    Admin Post
    A if the knobs and machine heads are tarnished you can replace them cheaply enough. The Bigsby is perhaps $125 but the pickups might be a bit of $$$$.
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  4. anothersixstringer

    anothersixstringer Electromatic

    Sep 12, 2009
    Brampton, ON
    Thanks Sarah and Synchro for your kind comments...!
    I couldn't find any model like this on eBay or the Gretsch web site...seems that after they got Chet's name on these models, they went out of the catalog and major online retailers...
    A search all across the web via google did not find any result for it.
    I am very tempted to buy this one, but not sure if i could find it brand new at about the same price. If this available in real new status, say around 3K, then this guitar is a good deal. But, if the brand new price is around 2.5K then this is a rip-off.
    I searched all the web, can't find any reference price...
  5. dafreeze

    dafreeze Friend of Fred

    Sep 25, 2008
    Couldn't find much, and am not a GreTschspert.

    Here's a link to one that sold for $1700. Not much info.

    This guy bought one, then sold it shortly after.

    Interesting pickup combination, good reviews. You know the nut is 1/16" wider than most.

    You can get a feel here for what can be had new for that $.|1&page=2&rpp=20

    My guess would be that it's not a 'good deal', but again, I don't know the guitar, nor it's condition other than how you've described it.

    You state the guitar's new, but has simply been hanging in their shop for a while, ie a few years?

    I don't know if this will be a fair reference or not, but I bought a brand new but left over '06 Country Club w/Dynas, no Bigsby, last winter from Rocky at StreetSounds out of Brooklyn, NY for $1600. Guitar arrived as expected, brand new. Rocky checked and tweeked the set up, and it's now my favorite guitar.

    He doesn't have one of these according to his site, but I'd buy from him again in a heartbeat.
  6. Sarah93003

    Sarah93003 Friend of Fred

    Sam Ash has a new one $2450 and Musicians Friend has them for $2,750. Hope that helps
  7. dafreeze

    dafreeze Friend of Fred

    Sep 25, 2008
    I don't see 'em, Sarah. Not a 6122-59 Nashville.

    SA has a 6122-62 for $2450 (love that guitar) and a 6120-59 for $2425.

    Mf has the above -59 for the same $, but all they have for $2750 is that new 2 tone Club (love that one, too).

    I don't know how fair of a price comparison those are.
  8. Sarah93003

    Sarah93003 Friend of Fred

    oops, my bad. I didn't even notice the suffix. I was just searching for 6122's. I think if they've had it in stock for a long time and it evidently shows, then I'd use that to negotiate a better price.
  9. JC higgy

    JC higgy Friend of Fred

    Jun 6, 2008
    Belfast Norn Iron
  10. dafreeze

    dafreeze Friend of Fred

    Sep 25, 2008

    you'd think I'd a been able to figure that out...

    here's the clincher

    they're $2750 new at Mf....

    maybe that ain't too bad after all...

    perhaps an offer 10-15% less than what he's asking???
  11. senojnad

    senojnad Gretschie

    Jul 13, 2008
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    I bought my 6122-1959 in March 2008 for $2450 -- brand new in the shipping box from Gretsch. I bought it from a "local" small shop. At that time the list price was $3800, so today that deal probably would have been around $2550 since the list price has increased to over $3900.

    The fixed arm Bigsby can be replaced ($150-200) or you may be able to buy just the replacement bracket that converts is to a movable handle -- check Black Rider Guitars (, Parts Is Parts (, etc. The actual color of this guitar is more burgundy than brown. (The Gretsch catalog and web site make it look brown, IMO, and do not do it justice.)

    The new Sweetwater catalog shows the 6122-1959 selling for $2750, same as MF and the other big box stores. So $2,200 sounds like a good deal. Of course you can try offering a lower price, but even if you pay $2200 and sink $300-$500 for new parts, you are still ahead of the game...

    My opinion -- it is the best of the current Gretsch fleet.
  12. Jukebox

    Jukebox Gretschified

    Jun 2, 2008
    Little Falls,MN
    I think if you contac redbone or Joel from shanghia you might do a lot better on price on a new one!
  13. vjf1968

    vjf1968 Former Member

    Jun 3, 2008
    $2,200 for a guitar that has been hanging on a wall for over a year or more? That has been played by everyone that has been through the store? The gold plating is tarnishing? That is used in my book. I got my 6120-1959 for $1,700 brand new but it was a floor model with out a mark or scratch on it, still had the protective plastic on the pick guard and truss rod cover, came withe case and all the tags. The only thing it needed was a decent set up and the 10th fret needed to be filed. You can do better on the price or save some up the cash and get a brand new one that will be more to your liking.
  14. Sarah93003

    Sarah93003 Friend of Fred

    Very good point. :)
  15. sleeperNY

    sleeperNY Gretschie

    Jun 18, 2008
    central NY
    That is not a bad price for a brand new (never sold) with a warranty 6122-59. I can't believe you would have to buy any parts due to corrosion because it is new. They should be replaced by warranty.Prices have to be compared to the same model or you will just drive yourself insane. If you take the 6120 list price and then the 6122 list and take the difference between the 2 and you will be close to the $2200. asking price.

    I would also follow Jukebox's advice and call Joel as he has shown time and time again to give about the best prices on Gretsch guitars.

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  16. Sarah93003

    Sarah93003 Friend of Fred

    +1 for calling Joel. You will save money, and get one right out of the box.
  17. anothersixstringer

    anothersixstringer Electromatic

    Sep 12, 2009
    Brampton, ON
    Thanks again to Everyone...!
    Dafreeze those were very helpful links, I got a lot of information from them :)
    By coincidence, the store will have a Fender day this saturday, with 10% off for all the FMIC in-store items.
    Will go there and try to get some additional money-off :)

  18. Pappy

    Pappy Country Gent

    Jun 4, 2008
    I'd call Joel. At the very least he would be able to tell you first hand if it's a good price or not. With tarnished hardware, I wouldn't be looking to pay a brand new price.

    Also, MF advertises a price on all of their Gretsch guitars that are pretty far from the mark if you go to someone like Joel. The margin narrows as the price goes down in accordance with model (say, a 5120) but there's still a margin and when it comes to the upper end pro line models, that margin is HUGE.
  19. dafreeze

    dafreeze Friend of Fred

    Sep 25, 2008
    you're welcome, nother. looking forward to hearing about your weekend.
  20. roadjunkie

    roadjunkie Country Gent

    Jul 4, 2008
    Of course I'll always tell you to call Joel. Redbone guitars a sponsor here had a special going on after they hosted a Fred & Joe show. There was a 59 involved there but that is long gone I think. See what they have to offer! R%ocky at Streetsounds is good to deal with. keep in mind if you get some kind of a great deal keep it to yourself. It's none of our business on the open forum. What you say in private is another matter. We don't want to see anyone get in trouble do we?