Just got my first Gretsch

Discussion in 'New Member Intros' started by leskess, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. leskess

    leskess Electromatic

    Dec 17, 2017
    North west England
    Thank you all for the replies, I have nearly found the tone I want with the THR, I had to play with the online settings. It is the biggest guitar I have ever used , so it is taking some getting used to. OK I'm now back to learning Mr Sandman, I may have it down by the time I am 70 :p
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  2. peterjcb

    peterjcb Gretschie

    Nov 28, 2017
    Welcome to the forum. I'm a newbie here also...you're just a kid, I'm 66....

    This is my first Gretsch...I'm a Fender/Ric guy and I have too many guitars.....my wife said that this better be my last....haha
    ...just curious, I'm here in the USA and I just paid about $500 for my 5120 pictured in my avatar with a hard case. what do these cost in the UK typically?
  3. leskess

    leskess Electromatic

    Dec 17, 2017
    North west England
    Just be thankful you DO NOT live in "Rip off Britain"
    Was that a new or pre loved price?

    This is from a dealer near where I live

    Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody With Bigsby - Aspen Green


    That equates to $1110 , without any case at all.
    By shopping around I managed to get £100 off that price.
    Luckily as I never expect to take it out of the house I did not need a case.
    The only things I take out now are my acoustic instruments .

    But then again there is a very nice left hand one for sale near me up for £500 on face book Marketplace.
  4. capnhiho

    capnhiho Gretschie

    Feb 16, 2013
    I'm now 68 and just bought my first Gretsch (also a 5420T) about 4 years ago. Mine is Smoke Green as seen in my avatar. The pickups on Electromatics are adjusted notoriously low from the factory - tone can be greatly improved by getting them closer to the strings. See this thread (among many):

    If you're a tinkerer you'll also probably change out a few parts, as a large number of us have.

    All that being said, welcome to the club!
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  5. washbrook

    washbrook Electromatic

    Dec 10, 2017
    Durham, United Kingdom
    Hi Leskess, Welcome to GT and congrats on your nice new GT5420t, I am sure you will have lots of fun with it.

    I only joined up here a couple of weeks ago myself and I basically felt the same as you, took the plunge and got one before its was too late to enjoy it. Although I do have far too many other brand guitars, a Gretsch was missing from my collection so I also went through the same reasoning as you and I jumped in and bought my first Gretsch while I could. I absolutely love it and cant put it down (lol my 335 is in the huff) and just like you, its ticked off the box of a long time yearning for me. I cant believe just how good it sounds and its so playable, its a real pleasure.

    I love to use my Fender Blues Junior but for convenience and the neighbours benefit, I also use a THR10 and I actually think it sounds great through that, I like the THR10 its got a full sound for such a small amp.

    There is a real wealth of knowledgable and friendly folk in here well able to answer anything you may need to know...... have fun with your new Gretsch.
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  6. Synchro

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    Jun 2, 2008
    Sorry Vista
    Admin Post
    Welcome to G-T.
  7. msc_

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    Mar 29, 2014
    North Carolina
    I love that color! Congrats!!
  8. MTurner

    MTurner Friend of Fred

    Aug 17, 2010
    Clayton, North Carolina, USA
    We're glad you have joined us!
  9. Reedlvr

    Reedlvr Gretschie

    Dec 8, 2017
    West Texas
    Welcome! Love the new baby! She's very sexy, love that color! congrats sir!
  10. WernerF

    WernerF Gretschie

    Jan 14, 2015
    Welcome to the forum !
  11. hcsterg

    hcsterg Country Gent

    Feb 13, 2012
    Welcome leskess !

    With A G5420T in Aspen Green, you won't be wrong :cool:...

    I had one ;)...


    ... But I sold it :(.

    Needless to say : I was wrong :mad: !

  12. ivar83

    ivar83 Electromatic

    Jan 5, 2018
    The one who`s waiting for something good can`t wait to long!
  13. Sid Nitzerglobin

    Sid Nitzerglobin Country Gent

    Jun 8, 2015
    I love the Aspen Green. Congrats and welcome!
  14. Tony65x55

    Tony65x55 Gretschified

    Sep 23, 2011
    The 'Shwa, Ontario, Canada
    What did your next wife say?

    Welcome to Gretsch Talk! :)
  15. peterjcb

    peterjcb Gretschie

    Nov 28, 2017

    Wow...that's quite a bit of coin!! Mine was purchased as used but it's in mint condition.
    I have done some work to it since I received it.
    I ordered and installed an upgraded wiring harness which came with a treble bleed circuit , premium pots and I also specified a .22uf capacitor be used to bring out more treble.
    I also installed new set of Gretsch Blacktop Filtertrons pickups which I picked up for $65 (pretty inexpensive).
    I liked the humbuckers but also wanted to compare the Filtertrons....The filtertrons are brighted and crisper but I still enjoy the humbuckers.

    I just ordered a set of GFS Surf 90's also which I may install in the future....you can see that I can't leave stuff alone.....:)
    My 5120 pictured below with my Gibson Firebird T and below that my "workspace"....


  16. drmilktruck

    drmilktruck Gretschified

    May 17, 2009
    Plymouth, MN
    Congrats on the new Gretsch. The amp is very fine as well.

    Welcome to G-T, the friendliest guitar site on the inter web.
  17. wvincagold

    wvincagold Gretschie

    Jan 4, 2018
    Welcome to the Forum and congrats. That Yamaha amp is supposed to be one of the best practice amps around. It has great reviews. And I bet that Gretsch will sound great in the bedroom.

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  18. leskess

    leskess Electromatic

    Dec 17, 2017
    North west England
    Hi sorry for the delay in posting but i was trying to bond with my new toy, I am afraid it isn't happening. I do love it; the tone is now just right. The problem I have is that it is too big. I use it in front of my computer sitting down and it is killing my leg as it presses in badly . I may be able to trade it for a G5435TG which is smaller in size. Does anyone have any suggestions ?
  19. jfletcher67

    jfletcher67 Gretschie

    Jul 25, 2012
    Birmingham, AL
    Hard to go wrong with a good 5420 as a first Gretsch (or 10th for that matter!). Love the color as well! Amp-wise, if you get a chance to plug that beauty into one of the newer Vox AC10's please do so. The meaty, slightly darker tone of those pickups agree well with the brightness of the AC10. In any event, enjoy that Gretsch in good health!
  20. jfletcher67

    jfletcher67 Gretschie

    Jul 25, 2012
    Birmingham, AL
    Sorry to hear that but yes, the 5435 is a fine Gretsch as well and has the same pickups as the 5420. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.