It arrived! G5445T Double Jet (new model)

Discussion in 'Electromatic Gretsch Forum' started by Tony65x55, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Tony65x55

    Tony65x55 Gretschified

    Sep 23, 2011
    The 'Shwa, Ontario, Canada
    My pusher, I mean my guitar dealer, was mean enough to show me the NEW GreTsch they just got in. One of the new model G5445T Double Jet's. Aside from the little bit of set up it needs it was love at first strum. And then he says to me, "take it home for a week and see if you like it." The man is clearly a barbarian.

    So, sucker that I am, I bring it home and worse, plug it into the amp.

    Now I know there isn't much information out there about the new GreTsch Black Top Filter'Tron pickup out there so I imagine a number of you GreTschies want to know if these new GreTsch pickups live up to their name, or if it is simply another version of the crappy mini-humbucker pickups previous Electromatic Jets were cursed with.

    If I may say: WOW, Holy Cow! Shazam! Mother of Pearl! Shades of Chet Atkins and God bless Duane Eddy. They sound like GRETSCH!!! GOOD GRETSCH!!! They are a GreTsch Filter'Tron pickup. Now, I even compared them to the TV Jones Power'Tron pickups I've been trying to get a good sound out of in my PowerJet and I thought they ate them for breakfast.

    I compared them side by side with the Mega'Trons in my CVT. The Mega's are very well respected members of the Filter'tron family and are supposed to be a hotter, more aggressive version of the Filter'tron. Well... ya. The Black Top Filter'Tron were a little warmer, a little less agressive, a little less biting, not quite as hot but generally sounded to me like they shared the same genetics in almost every way. If you haven't got the idea by now, I'm very impressed

    Please remember, this is only MY ridiculous opinion created with MY rock 'n roll deafened ears being played through MY Fender amp but quite frankly, this guitar sounds as good as it looks and it looks good.

    The gold in the photo is terrible (harsh lighting) but in person, it is a beautiful luxurious gold as good as anything you'd see on a LP Gold Top. Oh ya, $700 CDN.

    If this is the future of GreTsch then our grandkids will be going, "oh wow man, you got a vintage Electromatic? Wow, a 2012! What was the name of that other guitar company that started with G?"

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  2. David Gurr

    David Gurr Gretschie

    Mar 22, 2011
    South Florida
    Awesome! She's beautiful!
  3. Punkabilly

    Punkabilly Electromatic

    Nov 23, 2010
    los angeles
    They are great pickups and you got a beauty there. Big improvement in sound and they look good on the guitar. This continues the new vibe and direction the Electromatic line. A great guitar at a fraction of the price and that great GRETSCH SOUND!!!!
    Great guitar and have fun with it!!!!!
  4. NickGretsch

    NickGretsch Synchromatic

    Aug 30, 2011
    Cornwall, England
    Congratulations Tony on your new arrival.

    I tried one, well two actually, Gold G5435T & G5445T at Manson's in Exeter,Devon.

    They're a really great guitar store and set me up with Fender Deluxe Reverb like I have. Nice touch.

    I agree with Tony, they sound very good indeed. And to my surprise (not a Bigsby user) those Bigsbys worked really well. The fit & finish as far as I could see was faultless.

    As I intend using the Jet in the band I needed to know that it felt good 'on the strap'.
    The '35 hung beautifully and felt great but as I suspected the '45 did the SG nose dive. So a thick suade strap is in order IF thats the Jet of choice, however it looks more likely to be the '35.

    TBH if they'd had a Black G5435T in the store I would have walked out with it!!

    To put all this in perspective, I also tried a PRS Santana SE which is the other guitar I've been dying to try. It was good, very good and I loved the trem BUT considering it was three hundred UK pounds more and I just love the Jets so much it was really no contest.

    Another great Electromatic has just hit the shops

    PS: watch out for Marlin's review, due soon
  5. 6stings

    6stings Friend of Fred

    Aug 14, 2010
    Congratulations on your New Jet!!! It looks good!
  6. ampe

    ampe Country Gent

    May 11, 2011
  7. The Marlin

    The Marlin Friend of Fred

    Feb 2, 2011
    Mine is in store, I just need to collect when I get back to blighty.

    They have two black (with Bigsby) versions in GAK in Brighton. One is mine, the other is in stock if anyone is looking.....

    All the best
  8. Tony65x55

    Tony65x55 Gretschified

    Sep 23, 2011
    The 'Shwa, Ontario, Canada
    Thanks friends. I would have got the Pro-Jet but I have one already and I replaced it's pickups so it sounds pretty good. The Double Jet was one I didn't have and yes, it does neck dive a bit but not as bad as an SG. I put a 3" wide leather strap on it and there is no problem. The extra strap width helps with the weight too.

    I look forward to Marlin's review.
  9. Gros Ouaso

    Gros Ouaso Country Gent

    Apr 13, 2010
    What was the name of that other guitar company that started with G?"[/QUOTE]

    Congrats on your new acquisition...real beauty.:):)
    but leave the other "G" Godin??? out of it, they don't make one that resembles your's. :D:D

    you must befriend Lamusic then.
  10. Tony65x55

    Tony65x55 Gretschified

    Sep 23, 2011
    The 'Shwa, Ontario, Canada
    Godin's are sweet guitars. I am the proud owner of a Seagull and three Simon and Patrick's. They weren't the "G" I was referring to. :)

    Actually, I'm a Long and McQuade guy (for the last 35 years) That's where my pusher, I mean dealer, works.
  11. Gros Ouaso

    Gros Ouaso Country Gent

    Apr 13, 2010
  12. Gros Ouaso

    Gros Ouaso Country Gent

    Apr 13, 2010
    Stick with pusher since he knows you enough to lend you a piece of gear knowing darn well he won't see it anymore. only cash.:):)

    L&M don't list them on their site, that's why google gave me only Lamusic.
  13. Epidrake

    Epidrake Electromatic

    Oct 22, 2011
  14. guto

    guto Gretschie

    Oct 24, 2011
    excelent news!
  15. Tony65x55

    Tony65x55 Gretschified

    Sep 23, 2011
    The 'Shwa, Ontario, Canada
    OK, update report: I've been playing the heck out of the Double Jet for five days and have discovered a few things.
    1) The store will have to murder me to get it back.
    2) My first impression was correct, this guitar is seriously good.
    3) The Black Top Filter'Trons are as good as I thought they were when I first tried the guitar. The pickups bite, moan, snarl, cry, overdrive, clean up and generally bring a tear to my eye if I wail the blues. Seriously, Duane Eddy twang, BB King smoky, Beatles jangle and AC/DC crunch without changing the settings on the amp, just on the guitar.

    I have not found a flaw on the guitar. Fit and finish are fantastic and it plays like a dream. The aforementioned tendency of the DJ to neck dive are still present but certainly not a problem. The guitar is not chambered (as far as I know) and it weighs about like a Les Paul. This tends to keep the neck dive thing very manageable with a 3" wide leather strap. Forget I mentioned it, it's a non issue.

    This is my fourth Jet. I have a Power Jet, a Pro Jet and Junior Jet II. This is the best of the bunch. To my poor rock n roll deafened ears, this Jet sounds the best of the pack, even better than the legendary TV Jones pickups in the Power Jet. If GreTsch ever decides to market the Black Top Filter'Trons as aftermarket pickups I will buy a bunch of them.
  16. araT

    araT Gretschified

    Mar 24, 2009
    Berlin, Germany
    So glad you've been loving it, Tony! they sound great :D
  17. GreatGretsch

    GreatGretsch Country Gent

    Jun 25, 2008
    Pittsburgh suburbs
    Great score!!! You have me wanting one, now.
  18. Tony65x55

    Tony65x55 Gretschified

    Sep 23, 2011
    The 'Shwa, Ontario, Canada
    Go try one (he said with an evil laugh), you can always put it down (more evil laughter) if you don't like it.

    As I said in the first post, if this is the future of Gretsch, the other guitar companies had better be very careful.
  19. Henrytwang

    Henrytwang Synchromatic

    Feb 28, 2010
    teignmouth uk
    Are you sure it's not chambered? I've got a 2008 old style Double Jet and when I remove the back plates I can see a huge amount chambering to the mahogony body.
  20. MatchlessMan

    MatchlessMan Country Gent

    Nov 29, 2010
    Swindon UK
    That would make a great spare Jet! Surely everyone needs a spare Jet?
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