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    I just saw these a few minutes ago…...

    I've needed a doctor.
    I've needed a nurse.
    I need farmers every day.
    I've needed a mechanic, a house painter, a heating technician and a plumber.

    I've NEVER needed a sports star, a news commentator, or a TV personality.
    Drive in theaters are starting to make sense again.
    On a serious note---
    Doctors and nurses are getting sick, and some are even dieing. Who do we have to replace them?

    Veterinarians and vet techs. Seriously. They know all of the typical medical techniques like taking blood, administering first aid and such. Vets are superb diagnosticians. They can't just ask a critter "What seems to be ailing you?" They have to be able to figure it out. Considering that our medical professionals are working some insane hours day after day without end, we need to insure that they're covered for their needs.
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  2. Today was in fact accordion day. Time to move on.
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