Hello from Texas

Discussion in 'New Member Intros' started by Mark105, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. panhead6zero

    panhead6zero Synchromatic

    Jan 17, 2015
    The Motor City
    Welcome from D-troit! Spent my Air Force training in Texas! Like that state a lot!
  2. thunder58

    thunder58 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
    Admin Post
    Hi Mark and welcome . Glad you finally joined up
  3. LivingMyDream

    LivingMyDream Friend of Fred

    Welcome to Gretsch-Talk, Mark!
  4. JeffreyLeePierre

    JeffreyLeePierre Country Gent

    Welcome Mark.
    2 Falcons!
    Anything else?
    Like an amp? :p
  5. wildeman

    wildeman Gretschified

    May 10, 2015
    Welcome.Bring on the Falcons Screenshot_2019-08-18-08-40-36-1.png
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  6. not_man_davo

    not_man_davo Synchromatic

    Feb 13, 2015

    And welcome FROM Texas!
  7. Mark105

    Mark105 Electromatic

    Aug 13, 2019
    Thanks for the warm welcome. I will try to post pics, I am not terribly good at these things but I shall endeavor to persevere. BTW the other guitar is
    A les Paul custom access, the amp That covers most of what I play is the Mesa Boogie mark v 35 combo. Channel 1 mode 1 and 2 do some outstanding clean tones with my gretsches and of course channel 2 will scream and roar if you want it to. I also have a Vox ac 15 tubes’ it gets close to some of those classic Gretsch tones. And finally a small Marshall tube combo for basic everyday hard rock jamming. I’ll get on those pics.
  8. Wjensen

    Wjensen Gretschie

    May 25, 2019
    Raleigh, NC
    Welcome to the forum from Nawth Caralina, ya'all. I am guessing you already know they all need pics, and of course, I like them too. But in any case, we are glad your are here.

  9. unknown fan

    unknown fan Gretschie

    Aug 7, 2018
    Welcome to the Forum, lots of great guys and gals here
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