For Sale Gretsch Duo Jet Pre-Fender slightly modded.

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    Jan 17, 2016
    I´m sellin´ Pre-Fender Gretsch Duo Jet with Filtertons and Bigsby in excellent condition. Here were two major mods made: original floating bridge was firmly attached to body with posts Les Paul like, so wooden bridge base was drilled through and left in place only for original look. Body relief countour was professionally made to body as you can see in the pic. Hard case and Gretsch leather strap included. Situated in Prague, the Czech Republic. Overseas shipping available. Asked price 36.000 CZK, 1565 USD, 1200 GBP or 1440 EUR + actual shipping cost.
    Gretsch Duo Jet_2.jpg Gretsch Duo Jet back.jpg

    Gretsch Duo Jet_2.jpg Gretsch Duo Jet back.jpg Gretsch Duo Jet body_2.jpg Gretsch Duo Jet_12.JPG Gretsch Duo Jet serial number.JPG Gretsch Duo Jet headstock.JPG Gretsch Duo Jet vibrato hinge.JPG Gretsch Duo Jet body back.jpg Gretsch Duo Jet  back_3.jpg
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