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  1. JoeM

    JoeM Electromatic

    May 11, 2018
    Tucson AZ
    Ok, so I want a case that could protect the Gretsch a little better than my softside gig bag.
    It seems like there is not a bunch to choose from, not like there is for Strats, Teles and Les Pauls.
    I know Gretsch makes a case, but it costs some, and it just looks cheap in the pictures.
    What other brands do you guys use and like? SKB? Muscians Gear?
  2. Rocky Rococo

    Rocky Rococo Electromatic

    Apr 4, 2018
    Timber Town USA
    I use only Gretsch cases for my G5435 & G5230 because they fit correctly. The cases I have are solid and have great latches. Check, sometimes they go on sale there - I got both of mine on sale there.
  3. Gmountain

    Gmountain Electromatic

    Jun 8, 2018
    Ijust ordered a Gretsch case from Sweetwater. Not expensive at all. I was really surprised.
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  4. thunder58

    thunder58 Gretschified

    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
    I've had an SKB in the past ( sold the guitar ) Great product . You might also try Guitar Fetish just for kicks
  5. Likeabrave

    Likeabrave Synchromatic

    Feb 11, 2010
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Blackrider has a variety of Gretsch branded and un-branded cases at very reasonable prices. Also, these Guitar Fetish cases are a perfect fit for a 5620/22 or 5422. A 5420 would be a tight fit, though.
  6. wabash slim

    wabash slim Friend of Fred

    Feb 10, 2010
    lafayette in
    I've seen too many destroyed SKB rack cases to really trust any of their other products. As long as you're handling it yourself (and not roadies) you should be fine. Epi cases fit my Historic 3140 (335 case) and Pro Jet (Kat case) and the price on both was great. Musician's Gear makes a good generic case. I have one for my Guild D-35.
  7. Henry

    Henry Gretschified

    Apr 9, 2014
    Imo SKB cases are like collapsible frames in your car. They are meant to take the damage from one significant accident and protect your gear, but need to be replaced after that accident. You WANT the SKB to be damaged, that's kinda the point. At the SKB price point (i.e. about the same as the OEM case that went protect your gear as well), I think that's fair.
  8. Rusty Silver

    Rusty Silver Gretschie

    Jun 25, 2017
    Italy (Rome and Genoa)
    I own a Gretsch case for my G5422 and I have to say it's really weel made.
  9. radd

    radd Synchromatic

    Dec 27, 2017
    Santa cruz
    I would take your guitar to a place like a GC and try all the cases. I have two Gretsch cases, the lower end one and the higher end one. Both are well made but both are disappointing in regards to fit. They both allow my guitars to move in the case far more than my Gibson, Taylor or Takamine cases have. They fit my guitars like my Fender solid body cases do where I place chunks of foam inside the cases to stop any movement.
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  10. somebodyelseuk

    somebodyelseuk Country Gent

    Jan 22, 2013
    Birmingham, UK
    G5420 in a Hiscox dreadnought case. Fits like a glove and I can stand on the case with the guitar inside with complete confidence - I must take a phot/do a video of this sometime.
    Most of these "cases" that come with guitars are little more than cardboard covered in vinyl.
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  11. kjmac

    kjmac Gretschie

    Mar 7, 2018
    Omaha, NE
    Gretsch is the only one that makes cases that really fit Gretsch's. I just ordered a new Gretsch case for a G5420T from GC and with their June promotion it cost $117.00 shipped. Not too expensive compared to other cases and it is solid with plush lining and good latches.
  12. audept

    audept Senior Gretsch-Talker

    Dec 1, 2010
    Sydney, Australia
    I have 2 Hiscox cases (Tele & SG) and they are truly indestructible. Best cases I have ever owned.
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  13. Viking Power

    Viking Power Electromatic

    Jun 11, 2018
    Shoreline, WA
    Searching for the right case for a 5622T. Anybody know where to get one? GC could only recommend an SKB made for a Gibson 335 and they want $159 or $179 for it. What I’d really like is a Gretsch brand case but Gretsch’s website isn’t too helpful either. Thoughts?
  14. CNPCNP

    CNPCNP Synchromatic

    Jan 3, 2015
    IIRC there are various threads about a case for the 5622, and there's some slight confusion about the Gretsch cases including -FT (flat top) or not on the type-number.

    Long story short:
    for my 5622 I went for the Gator Cases GC-335, which was around EU68 then (now increased in price, but still below EU100). It's not perfect, added a towel below the body, but apart from that it works fine.
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  15. Viking Power

    Viking Power Electromatic

    Jun 11, 2018
    Shoreline, WA
    Thanks for the info. I did a search in the forum and didn’t find it but wouldn't be the first time I did a bad job on searching. Haha.

    Did you look at the Gretsch G6241FT 16" Hollow Body Flat Top Hardshell Case?
    Is that the flat top one you’re referring to? Seems like they’d make one for Bigsby equipped units as well. I can’t find it if they do.
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  16. NervousJohn

    NervousJohn Electromatic

    May 8, 2017
    Having had a Gretsch case I’m baffled as to why people like them. I guess they’re fine if you want to keep the dust off, but if you actually intend to take your guitar out the house there is one answer.

    Hiscox. That’s what my G5422 lives in.

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  17. somebodyelseuk

    somebodyelseuk Country Gent

    Jan 22, 2013
    Birmingham, UK
    You've said what I've been thinking.
    This is why I use them -
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  18. NervousJohn

    NervousJohn Electromatic

    May 8, 2017
    It’s all the blokes standing on the case with the acoustic in it that amuses me...
  19. Viking Power

    Viking Power Electromatic

    Jun 11, 2018
    Shoreline, WA
    So, my G5622T ought to fit in there as well I'm thinking...

    I'll check those out. Thanks for the link!

    Damn, the listed U.S. distributors don't carry guitar cases.
  20. xStonr

    xStonr Electromatic

    I recently purchased the official Gretsch case for my 5420T on sale from MF.