Greetings from Cologne

Discussion in 'New Member Intros' started by jmkoeln, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. jmkoeln

    jmkoeln Electromatic

    Mar 14, 2019
    Cologne, Germany
    Hey there! Just got my first Gretsch - a G2655 Streamliner - and i'm looking forward to many interesting discussions here!

    About me:
    Started playing guitar way too late in my life but now i caught the fever and try to catch up to all those kid's, showing off in the showrooms of my lovely hometown Cologne.
    I was draged to Gretsch guitars from the first time i held one in my hands but went for something easier to play at first. Now i felt ready, got me a Gretsch and regret nothing!

    Enough for now..... see you in the forums;)
  2. Winterwind

    Winterwind Gretschie

    Dec 17, 2018
    London, Ontario
    Welcome to the forums. A Gretsch is highly addictive. If you're not careful you'll wind up with more than one. ;)

    And one of my ex-girlfriends in from Cologne.
  3. hcsterg

    hcsterg Country Gent

    Feb 13, 2012
    It's never too late ! ;)

    Wilkommen jmköln,

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  4. jmkoeln

    jmkoeln Electromatic

    Mar 14, 2019
    Cologne, Germany
  5. dak55

    dak55 Synchromatic

    May 31, 2018
    Mills River NC
    Welcome to the group jmkoeln. We love pics here so show us your lovely Streamliner. And yeah, hate the showoffs in the showrooms. I always feel inadequate. EDIT: Well crap I see you put up pics on another post. I like the single barrel color.
  6. audept

    audept Senior Gretsch-Talker

    Dec 1, 2010
    Sydney, Australia
    Welcome to the forum, jmkoein!
    German welcome mat.jpg
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  7. thunder58

    thunder58 I Bleed Orange

    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
    .... and I promise it won't be your last . ;) Welcome to the forum friend
  8. DennisC

    DennisC Gretschie

    May 11, 2017


    Ach, der wird schon noch eine, zwei, drei ... ...... folgen.
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  9. Beardog

    Beardog Synchromatic

    Apr 15, 2018
    Nova Scotia
  10. Ricochet

    Ricochet Gretschified

    Nov 13, 2009
    Monkey Island
    Welcome to Gretschland!
  11. jmkoeln

    jmkoeln Electromatic

    Mar 14, 2019
    Cologne, Germany
    :D wo man sich überall so trifft.....:)
  12. jmkoeln

    jmkoeln Electromatic

    Mar 14, 2019
    Cologne, Germany
    Thank you all for this warm welcome:)!

    Beeing close to the next authorized Gretsch-parts-dealer, i didn't waste time and went for the next little upgrade:

    A proper toggle-switch-tip...... suits the rest of the nickel hardware perfectly:D
  13. wabash slim

    wabash slim Friend of Fred

    Feb 10, 2010
    lafayette in
    Wie gehts? Wilkommen!
  14. DennisC

    DennisC Gretschie

    May 11, 2017
    Hier und da. Also wirklich nur hier und da, ansonsten bin ich nicht besonders öffentlich.

    (Here and there - really only here and there (german musician's forum), otherwise I'm not that publicly visible).

    Als ich das letzte Mal in Köln war, umsteigen auf dem Hauptbahnhof, war Rosenmontag. Letztes Jahr. Ein 1,95 m großer Transvestit mit unsicherem Gang, langen blonden Haaren und dunklen Barstoppeln hat mir lachend auf den Arsch gehauen. Wir Niedersachsen bekommen vom Karneval ja nicht so viel mit, außer Braunschweiger, die spielen sowas auch ... daß Rosenmontag war, ist mir erst eingefallen, als ich schon weg war.

    Anyway, it's nice around here, and whatever questions might pop up, this is the place they are most likely to be answered correctly.
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  15. JC higgy

    JC higgy Friend of Fred

    Jun 6, 2008
    Belfast Norn Iron
    Welcome to GT jmkoein!

    Congrats on the new geet.
  16. LivingMyDream

    LivingMyDream Country Gent

    jmkoeln, I left a welcome on your other thread, but I think I'll make it official here:

    Welcome to Gretsch-Talk, jmkoeln!
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  17. Filtertronico

    Filtertronico Gretschie

    Aug 26, 2014
  18. new6659

    new6659 Gretschie

    Dec 10, 2018
    Southwestern Ontario
    Welcome from Canada!
  19. Trash Kidd

    Trash Kidd Country Gent

    Dec 14, 2015
    London U.K.
  20. loudnlousy

    loudnlousy Friend of Fred

    Oct 18, 2015
    Hildesheim, Germany
    Willkommen! Prima , daß Du diesen coolen Ort gefunden hast. Die beste Seite im Internt. Ever.
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