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    Hi all. Time to shake things up, out with the old, in with the new. Although most of this stuff is new to me.

    Fender 57 Twin Reissue, close to mint. It looks new to me. All stock, includes a brown cloth cover and a heavy black vinyl cover. The tubes are an upgraded set from tube depot(or similar, got to find the receipt). Played a total of a few hours, like maybe one and a half since i got it. The guy i got it from never used it. Seems people get these and then realize it may be too much amp for them. That’s my case. It’s too much of an amp for a guy that plays 97.6% acoustic gigs. The amp is a 2007. I am not into shipping, as it weight a ton and I would sweat what could happen if i didnt pack it right. So come on down to FreddyFingers yard sale to try er out and take er home. The amp alone i am asking 1600, but would take 2000 for the amp and reverb head.

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  1. Didn’t want to create another yard sale thread, so here’s part two. A Kendrick 1000 hand made reverb unit. Hand lacquered tweed that matches the twin. I was told by Mr Kendrick that he was looking to reproduce the old fender reverb heads, but without the circuit boards the new ones have, and make a few improvements. As I am not the cork sniffer, I can just say it sounds very cool. Hooked up to the 57 twin, and it goes from surf city, to light reverb. Has a floor switch to turn on and off, and a heavy black vinyl cover. Asking 600, there are very few of these for sale, as most seem to keep them, but if i ditch the amp, i dont need the reverb. Prefer a local sale as well, but i guess i can take the tubes out and wrap it up, i just dont have a box that size.

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  2. For those that like blue, 2004 Fender Strat 12. I got this as an alternative to a ric that I couldn’t afford. But dont look at it as a cheap ric alternative. They are slightly different beast. With the 5 way strat selector, you get a wide range of sounds. The neck is comfy if you like strats. Set up with what I would deem low action for a 12 string, and new flat wounds. The body is in really good shape with signs of handling, but no where near abuse. The case is included, and fits the guitar well. Did I mention its blue? Was asking 1000, which is less than I paid, might be willing to wiggle a bit, plus shipping. These are different than the ones they just released last year. The body is alder, not basswood, and its crafted(the word on the neck) in Japan. Plus it has a case. Sounds great through a 57 twin with a little reverb.

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    It's a rare Fender that the headstock is in matching color to the body. Good luck on the sale.
  4. The title says sale or trade. I mostly play acoustic. And I know this is mostly not a acoustic forum. I currently have some acoustics, and amps like my Schertlers. I have a recent taste for gypsy jazz guitar. Can’t play like that, but i like it. I have a entry level gypsy jazz guitar, but wouldn’t mind upgrading to a European made Selmer copy. I also never owned a D35, if it plays well and has a pickup, would consider that for the amp and tank. You can always hit me up with a message, and if i am not interested I will politely say no thanks. But it would be cool to meet some fellow members here in Virginia, or for the right deal, a little drive.
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    Love that Strat 12!:cool:
  6. Did I mention I would serve coffee and cake?
  7. Well I expected as much. I dont care for driving that much myself, and there are few forum members here in Virginia. So we will let this fade out slowly......................................................................................,