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Fender bassman 59 reissue settings

Discussion in 'Ampage Area' started by Gutstrungbass, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Gutstrungbass

    Gutstrungbass Electromatic

    Mar 9, 2009
    Hi there,

    Hi there,

    In our band, my sons play the guitars. One plays an Electromatic Pro-Jet with Bigsby, I play slap bass and occasionally my G5129.

    My other son plays a Mexican Fender Telecaster through a Fender Bassman 59 reissue amp. We've yet to use the amp at a gig, but he's worried about break-up at higher volumes. I feel sure that it's down to settings. The amp and its valves are in superb condition.

    He's looking for a really clean 50's Rockabilly sound.

    How would you guys suggest he sets the volume and tone contols and which channel should he use on the amp? Also, which pick-up should he use on the Tele and how should he set the guitar's tone and volume controls.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. VictoriaDD59

    VictoriaDD59 Gretschie

    Feb 26, 2009
    I've gigged with these a few times, and I still run tweeds, (now graduated to Victoria).

    For the Bassman, ok a few things first:

    1. Get a 12ay7 for V1
    2. Jumper the channels - put a small patch chord into Normal 1 and go into Bright 2 with the other end.
    3. Buy a nice analog delay, Echoplex, etc. for your slapback
    4. Get a mild overdrive, if he wants any dirt at all at club level settings

    These settings apply to at least a 150 seat joint, less volume if its a smaller place.

    Tone settings: (Plug guitar cable into Bright 1)

    Normal Volume: 7
    Bright Volume: 5
    Middle: 8
    Bass: 5 - 6
    Treble: 3 or below (these are VERY bright amps)
    Presence: 6 - 7

    Now, you'll notice the normal channel is set louder than the bright channel... I do this because I like to get all my "meat" or "body" from the normal channel, THEN, I blend in just enough bright channel volume so I have a little "cut" on tap when I need it.

    The Bassman RI is a very, very bright amp, and stays clean for a while, especially with single coils. With a Tele and that amp things can get really bright and piercing, so really, really watch the Treble control, and keep it set low. Also maybe roll back the tone control on the bridge pickup just a tiny bit.

    If you want some further advice, this is optional of course... Change that Tele bridge out for a Vintage 3 brass saddle bridge, it'll sound better, and have nicer sustain.
  3. yettoblaster

    yettoblaster Synchromatic

    Oct 9, 2008
    Santa Cruz, CA
    Good advice.

    I have the RI Bassman LTD, and like to start with the guitar in input #2 of the bright channel, which pads it a bit.
    Then I turn down the amp's treble and bass pots and turn up the midrange pot.
    Nice clean Fendery tone available up to about 4.5 on the bright vol with the guitar almost wide open!

    Then I also sometimes jumper over to the other channel too for girth, but for cleanest I just use input #2 on the bright side.

    When I need versatility I add a multi-pedal unit into the jumper line and can dial it up with the foot volume pedal it has onboard, which will over shout the bright channel when I kick in overdrive/distortion. Then I have clean and direct, but can roll up some effects when needed, but still be able to just back out the pedal volume and go back to the pure guitar-cable-amp classic sound without worrying at all about how the by-pass is on the effects (some effects route the signal through too much circuitry even when "off" and it can add unwanted coloration).

    I love my '59 Bassman LTD best when I'm in input #2 of the bright jacks alone (I'm using a G&L Legacy these days, which is a strat type).

    Did I mention I really like using input #2 on the bright side for clean sounds? Especially with the treb and bass turned down and the mid up.
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  4. shakerAU

    shakerAU Electromatic

    Nov 18, 2008
    The Land Down Under
    I've just recently bought a RI Bassman LTD, so I thought I'd check out what other peoples settings were to give me a starting place and then customize it to suit my taste. (I'm using a Gretsch 6120)
    When I read yettoblasters settings I thought yeah right and promptly ignored it, I mucked around with the tone controls for awhile and thought what the hell I'll give yettoblasters settings a go,
    He's absolutely right!!!
    Turn the Bass & Treble down and use the Middle and Presence to EQ , sounds fantastic, nice clean Fender tone.
    I'm also jumping the 2 channels as well.
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