Blacktop Filtertron solos: neck, bridge or both?

Discussion in 'Electromatic Gretsch Forum' started by Rusty Silver, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Rusty Silver

    Rusty Silver Gretschie

    I play with Fender amps (so the sound is really bright) and I'm starting to realize that I prefer using neck pickup for solos... To me it's strange because I usually tend to play rithm on middle and solos on middle or bridge positions, but since I've started trying the neck for solos I've discovered a warmer and richer sound (expecially on the treble strings, where bendings can sound shrill)... So, obviously not a general rule, but I'd like to know your opinions...
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  2. new6659

    new6659 Country Gent

    When just trying to please myself, I probably spend 95% of my time on the neck pickup. If I was trying to make an impression in front of a crowd, then I would switch to the bridge for a solo.
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  3. hcsterg

    hcsterg Country Gent

    Feb 13, 2012
    I use all three positions : N, N+B, B both for chorusing or rhythm parts, depending on the tune context, if I need to cut through the mix, and what prefers our conductor also. The general rule would be as follow :

    Bridge = Rock, Rock'n'Roll...
    Bridge+Neck = Soul, Funk, Wah use...
    Neck = Soul, Jazz, Blues...

    But it also depends on which instrument I use, so there is frequent exceptions. For example :

    - The Blues Icy tone of Albert Collins is more easily dialed-in with Bridge PU, preferably with single-coil.

    - Carlos Santana's "Soul Sacrifice" is more easily dialed-in in Neck+Bridge position, preferably with humbuckers.

    But it's me, OK ? :D

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  4. Alanqa

    Alanqa Gretschie

    Aug 22, 2019
    Lancashire UK
    I also tend to use both pickups for rhythm and neck for solos unless I am using my PRS then I tend to use the bridge pickup for lead.
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  5. benjwri

    benjwri Country Gent

    Oct 27, 2011
    Central ON Can
    Very seldom use bridge alone...most time spent on neck, a little on both.
  6. Rusty Silver

    Rusty Silver Gretschie

    Somehow this neck pickup can sound twangy (it's not a contradiction), just need to find the right eq. In the beginning I thought Blacktops sound a bit dark, but now, with Fender amps, they sound really bright. I love those Pu's. Maybe it's not the classical Gretsch sound but it's anyway a very distinctive sound, different from typical Fender or Gibson, so, for me, it's just Gretsch!
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