Because Blonds Have More Fun

Discussion in 'THE Gretsch Discussion Forum' started by gjohnson441496, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. BorderRadio

    BorderRadio Country Gent

    Mar 6, 2014
    Phoenix, AZ
    Whiteguard ‘55 AV Thin Skin, nirvana of Teles for me :)

  2. Telechamp

    Telechamp Country Gent

    Oct 20, 2010
    Tampa Bay
  3. JC higgy

    JC higgy Friend of Fred

    Jun 6, 2008
    Belfast Norn Iron
    Posted this in the natural thread,but technically it's Butterscotch Blonde,so...

  4. wizard_23

    wizard_23 Gretschie

    Jul 18, 2012
    Melbourne, Australia
    Just landed a cousin this week.

    Hard to photograph without looking banana, very nice in person though with the grain showing through. Also, !!amazing!! neck, can’t put it down.

  5. thunder58

    thunder58 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
    Admin Post
    Here ya go ..... IMG_2435.JPG
  6. Ricochet

    Ricochet I Bleed Orange

    Nov 13, 2009
    Monkey Island
    What are those pickups? They look like P94s in a soapbar style cover?
  7. ruger9

    ruger9 Country Gent

    Nov 1, 2008
    TV Jones T-90s. They are GREAT in this guitar (I did not like them in my Hot Rod). They are loud. They are like a P90 with Filtertron clarity... or perhaps you could say like single coil, fatter, midd-ier, filtertrons lol

    I use 250K pots to bring them closer to the Gibson P90 sound. and turning down the vol pot a notch helps, these suckers are LOUD. They are one of the best pickups SETS I've ever played... perfect balanced (bridge is thicker with balls, neck is warm but has CLARITY lacking in many woofy neck pickups).

    So impressed I am now waiting on a set a T-Armonds to try in this guitar. Not because I don't like the T-90s anymore, just because I've always wanted to try T-Armonds... rod magnets! (if the T-90s are a cross between a P90 and Filter, the T-A's have been described as a cross between tele pickups and P90s)
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  8. thunder58

    thunder58 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 23, 2010
    tappan ny
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  9. radd

    radd Country Gent

    Dec 27, 2017
    Santa cruz
  10. T Bone

    T Bone Country Gent

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  11. Charlie westside

    Charlie westside Country Gent

    Jul 27, 2018
    Sylmar Califirnia
  12. nickurso

    nickurso Gretschified

    Dec 24, 2012
    New Orleans la.
    Blondes do have more fun

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