Anyone try an all wood bridge?

Discussion in 'Technical Side of Things' started by RussB, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. RussB

    RussB Electromatic

    Sep 20, 2019
    The price is right at $20, that's for sure...

  2. Lockupyourfatdog

    Lockupyourfatdog Gretschie

    Aug 8, 2016
    Everett wa
    I have a guitar that came with a wood bridge. I changed it out pretty quickly. It had a good sound but hardly any sustain at all.
  3. swivel

    swivel Synchromatic

    May 13, 2018
    I have had a few on hollow archtops. They are surprisingly not that different sounding than metal bridges. My Ibanez George Benson comes from the factory with both a wood one and a Tune O Matic type.
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  4. mbkri

    mbkri Country Gent

    Sep 22, 2012
    Can’t say what it does to the tone because this Epiphone is such a different beast to my other guitars. A super mellow rounded jazz box sound but I don’t know how much of that is due to the bridge construction..... but sustain? The sustain is really really noticeably less than any of my other bridges.
  5. Henry

    Henry Gretschified

    Apr 9, 2014
    At $20,I'd be more concerned about the quality than the wood.
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  6. Limuz

    Limuz Gretschie

    Sep 8, 2012
    I've got one on my 6-string guitarbass. Pure necessity, though. Nothing else I had lying around was exactly the right height for it.


    So far, the strings haven't worn themselves too low.
  7. wabash slim

    wabash slim Friend of Fred

    Feb 10, 2010
    lafayette in
    There are wood bridges on lots of stringed instruments, so, why not? I'd figure it to give a mellow (woody?) tone.
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  8. mandobandit

    mandobandit Gretschie

    Apr 1, 2019
    1155F65E-D977-490A-BB77-F53597B4E025.png Dave at dbridge makes his bar bridge style in ebony and I believe in a synthetic material as well
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  9. drmilktruck

    drmilktruck Gretschified

    May 17, 2009
    Plymouth, MN
    My Blue 6120 Jr has an ebony bridge and it looks and sounds great.
  10. section2

    section2 Country Gent

    Dec 21, 2016
    My G3900 came with a rosewood bridge. Very warm. I replaced it with an aluminum Bigsby rocker bridge, which brightened up the tone considerably.
  11. ramjac

    ramjac Synchromatic

    Aug 14, 2011
    I had one on a 1960s Old Kraftsman hollow body that didn’t sound too bad. Guitar had more life with with a brass Compton, though, but the main reason for switching was that intonation was a mixed bag with the wood bridge, possibly due to worn string slots.
  12. Dennison

    Dennison Country Gent

    Jul 17, 2011
    Kent, UK
    No problem with this one.
  13. MrAstro

    MrAstro Gretschie

    Mar 5, 2015
    Sydney, NSW
    Selmer Style ie. Gypsy Jazz guitars have them. The one I had was too high and was engineered that way to facilitate a piezo within it and had no adjustment like a Gretsch. There wasn't much scope to refashion it because of the electronics so very frustrating - I got rid of it.
  14. Ricochet

    Ricochet I Bleed Orange

    Nov 13, 2009
    Monkey Island
    I have an Epi Emperor which I use as a faux-acoustic. In an attempt to "acoustify" the sound I tried a few different bridges. I liked the stock wooden bridge best.
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