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Oct 28, 2011
Jan 31, 2010
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Sylvan lake Alberta Canada
retired autobody worker

Alberta Bud

Electromatic, from Sylvan lake Alberta Canada

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Oct 28, 2011
    1. davrock68
      Hello again Bud, never got the message but it was on you're own profile dont worry I'll find it.
      Alot of people get into the music of there choice because they hear it when they are young, not for me! My Dad took me to see, Dr Who and the Daleks, only thing was there was a replica Dalek in the cinema i was too scared to go in! When going back for the bus I looked in a record shop window I saw an Elvis album "Le Roi Du Rock'n'Roll" The man looked amazing, so my Dad bought it for me, I still have now It always remembers me of my Dad. Scotty Moore is my hero so humble but what he done for music will last forever. Duane Eddy too that beautiful gretsch sound he got and now we can get the same sound...well nearly!!
      Hope I havent taken too much of you're time, Oh you're country is beautiful too would love to ride a bike through the wilderness, just look out for bears though! You dont get them at loch Ness, only midges! but they can eat you too. Cheers Davy
    2. Alberta Bud
      Alberta Bud
      Hey Davy, It's Bud,cool to know you too. I hope I am putting this message in the proper place.Sounds like the Edinburgh festival must be one huge affair.200,000 is a lot of humanity. I agree guitars make everything worth while. Rockabilly rules .Thanks for the reply. Please keep in touch.Much to discusss .. If you are into it. I know nothing about Scotland, but am scotch and welsch as near as I know.I grew up listening to Duane Eddy, Elvis and the Ventures .Scotty Moore,all that great lead guitar. I play mostly my own style,but Rockabilly and blues mostly. I live close to the Canadian Rockie Mountains, very beautiful clean country.Into Hot rods, custom cars and Harleys. Thanks for the letter, great to hear from you. Bud Davis.aka Alberta Bud.
    3. davrock68
      Hey bud, It's Davy glad to know you. Sorry to hear about the lung problem, Hope you have a new set of pipes soon. Just finished the Edinburgh festival. Traffic!!!! You have to see to believe it. a 5 min job turns into a 40 min job. You would love (old reekie!)
      that means Edinburgh.
      This Sunday we have the biggest fireworks display in the world from Edinburgh castle over 200,000 people come to watch it just from the town centre, to mark the end of the festival.
      Cab driving seems to be the same all over the world, good and bad, just take it how it comes, like life. But we will always have a guitar to cheer ourselves up.
      When it comes to guitar its rockabilly for me . I seem to annoy everyone playing rockabilly but who cares! :-) seems cool to me,all the best Dave
    4. bandstuff8385
      ......Hey! Thanks for hitting me up! I am a part-time gigger. Not playing out much these days as I've gotten bored with the old rock tunes and nobody wants to play jazz!!! Hang in there! Music is a great tonic.
    5. Alberta Bud
      Alberta Bud
      Hi Jimmy, Thanks for the reply. I hope to hear more from you. The avator covers up the words of the message,and I can't seem to fix it. Your picture looks real good for a man in his seventies ! ha! Just kidding.There's a few of us old guitar pickers still around .Best wishes to you sir. Bud
    6. jimmypeters
      its nice to see so many cdns. taking part.
      lats , from alta is also a member, with a new 6128-caddy green.
      glad to have you as a friend, stay in touch.

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    Sylvan lake Alberta Canada
    retired autobody worker
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    artist,guitar player
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