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  1. Ricochet
    I can’t recall, It must be 25 years... Back then I would often check wiring by simply holding a tuning fork over the pickup. All I know it gave a sound. Do it. It’s basically like any modding...
  2. Bertotti
    How did it sound? I have considered winding a pup myself but there are so many good pups out there it almost seems pointless.
  3. Ricochet
    Ha...It’s the under side of a pickup from an early lapsteel guitar that was given to me. I guestimate it to be home made early ‘50s ish... horseshoe magnet, with laminated pole pieces and two...
  4. Bertotti
    So, what is this from. This picture popped up on my screen and I just had to ask.
  5. MKunie
    This is just AMAZING!!! Best pic ever!

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