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  1. j.s.c
    Ohoh! I know these little thin gap, don't worry strings pressure will close them tight
  2. mbkri
    @new6659 it began with my 30th which my wife bought for me, A 1973 country gent On my 40th my dad bought me a Gibson L4 accoustic My 50th was this 6121 And in the last 7 years ive just started...
  3. new6659
    Nice one! My 50th birthday present to myself (14 years ago or so) was a Classic 50's Stratocaster in Daphne Blue. That was a bit of a mistake because my wife loves the colour so much she has...
  4. Cambro64
    Keep Calm and Let It Grow.
  5. new6659
    That is a beauty. How does the Christian pickup sound?

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