dan P

IMG 2271

IMG 2271
dan P, Nov 26, 2008
    • Pappy
      Pretty nice arsenal. All sorts of tones covered there.
    • dan P
      Actually have three strats...pic is of the top three though...thank you ! Pappy !
    • stole_life
      Oh, is that the G6118T-125? Jeeaaalllooouuussss! How do you love it?
    • dan P
      Still on the honeymoon, thank you ! my only issue so far is the darn thing is so big ! Need to put Annie on a diet ! I was looking at the 6120n...thats more to my liking, but was offered a trade I could not refuse...the guitar is now strung with TI flatwound !!s..
    • Pappy
      You'll get used to that size. The you may even want bigger!
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    guitars and stuff....
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    dan P
    Nov 26, 2008
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