roadjunkie, Apr 16, 2010
    • HonkyTonkMichael
      Wow... This guitar is amazing! Is this the one with TV classics? Can you PM me what your quote would be for one of these? I might start saving for this instead of a Green Annie.

    • roadjunkie
      I had this one up for sale but I think I am going to pull that thread down on the GDP. Things got a lil bit better. I think MF, GC and all the other dealers online that post their sale price list them at $3500. I never priced a new one. I had to give up two great Gretsch guitars to get this one. I needed the change but I am not yet convinced it was worth it as I miss the other two more. Lately there have been several listed on the GDP for $2100 used. No doubt about it though. This is a sweet guitar and it has the sound!
    • starwhitehair
      I just pickup one up from an Arizona pawnshop, She was rode hard and played alot like I like them, so I just refinished the frets, one quarter turn of the truss rod, cleaned and conditioned the neck and she is good to go. This is one of the best sounding guitars I have ever owned out of a couple of dozen axes in the last 37 years! Not the classic Gretsch Hi-Lo Trons sounds but enough of that classic G sound and tons of sting in each pickup position. ($1555.00 used ) 2005.
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