Finished job.

Finished job.
OpenMike1963, Mar 21, 2010
    • bugeisha36
      Awesome job - sharp! Looking forward to starting the mods on my Red next week.
    • HypotenusLuvTriangle
      What are the Bridge and neck switches for?
    • OpenMike1963
      Oh; Hi, HLT! Those are SUPPOSED to both be coil-switchers to allow each pickup to go from single-coil, to humbucking/in-phase, to both coils on, out of phase (did I get my techno-talk right?). Unfortunately, the bridge switch must have fried while soldered, 'cause it will only allow sing-coil, to humbucking/in-phase, to off. Neck switch works very well.
    • j.s.c
      interesting switches. Congrat.
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    MY 5120 modification-ism
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    Mar 21, 2010
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