Synchro, Jun 2, 2008
    • bobframe

      What is this guitar?
    • Synchro
      This is the might G 6120N. It's a pre-FMIC Gretsch model that came out in 2001. It has a center block of a very light (Spruce) wood and has a sweet singing sustain that goes on for days. They do have a flaw however, the string tension as the strings break over the bridge is inadequate and it's possible to pop the low E out of its slot. It's not a huge problem, but it can happen. Some Gretschies hate 'em because they have ceramic-magnet pickups but I love it and seen little reason to change a thing.

      In many ways it's my favorite electric guitar.
    • bandstuff8385
      Hey Hey Synchro! Florentine cut, Bigsby and balsa block! Kinda like my ES135!
    • Synchro
      ... I found out that the center block is Spruce, not Balsa.
    • Hot Rod Michelle
      ... I had heard that Gretsch made a semi-hallow once.
    • Synchro
      ... Indeed, this is the one. It's actually supposed to be included in a book about Gretsch guitars.
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    Jun 2, 2008
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